Which is it? 4


  1. The hypocrisy of the left is incredible! While the mass school shootings are HORRIFIC, why are they not up in arms over the 4,000 unborn, precious infants that are being slaughtered today, tomorrow and every day (until we can get enough justices on the court to overturn Roe V. Wade) by abortion…. 60 million babies murdered!!! God cares about this, and He will have the final word about it. Plenty of outrage to go around.

    • So true, Shelley, but the Left does not care about the 7 pound baby in the womb. In fact, but a single Democrat voted to protect the life of a ‘born alive’ baby that survives an abortion.

    • They also do not appear to be all upset at the numbers killed in Chicago and Baltimore each week. The way it was said was a bit rough, but where are the town halls when dozens of young people in the poor neighborhoods of these cities are killed weekly?

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