1. Its irritating to hear about taking from the rights of 8+ million over the actions of a dozen that kills/inj a few hundred, when they defend 12 million (one estimate of the number of illegals) against being considered w/ the acts of thousands that kill/injure thousands. I dont want ANY constitutional right infringed upon until EVERY other thing to provide safety has been done FULLY. Fix EVERYTHING else 1st. When illegals are no longer killing(even accidentally), the FBI isnt dropping balls, info is being submitted to the appropriate data banks (as required by law) and law enforcement isnt hiding for safety, THEN we can talk about messing w/ constitutional rights of the law abiding citizen.

  2. …or quarantining the Blacks, whose males make up literally 40%+ of the violent criminals inside our borders. It seems to me that, if one is going to infringe upon a constitutional amendment, the 13th would get better results right of the mark than the 2nd. 😉

    • What an ugly sentiment, although it certainly complements your avatar. Even if you are joking, which your emoticon may or may not suggest, it is not funny, and has no place on this blog. Farewell.

      • In truth, to the rational mind, it’s no more or less offensive than the original tweet your referenced. In the cases of firearms, illegals, and the Blacks it’s all a case of collective punishment of a group for the sake of “public safety.”

        The only difference is that you’ve been indoctrinated to believe that any reference to Blacks that isn’t positive is repugnant and out of place. This is especially true when the statement is factual like the one I made, though I did make in sarcasm.

      • Actually, not. The Larry Elder tweet referred to selective law enforcement by the Left. The intent of your response was a blanket indictment of an entire group, a common tactic of the Left, by the way. To the rational mind, the root cause of violence in the Black community is the fruit of public policy that incentivized out-of-wedlock birth at the expense of the family. Fatherless homes produce more violent children. To your final point: Rationality and racism are at odds with each other.

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