1. Just one question, what is easy to arrange, handy and lethal for killing a bunch of people you do not like apart from firearms? Not much, maybe a 747 a huge truck or a large bomb if you plan it properly.

    Firearms are designed to kill, and many firearms are specifically designed to kill people and very easy to get hold of. This logic is just so simple for Australians.

    • Firearms are designed to defend, which is exactly how they are used by law-abiding NRA members. However, in the hands of the mentally ill, they can be lethal when law enforcement is so incompetent, as we have witnessed in the Parkland tragedy. Guns weren’t the root cause of this tragedy.

      • “Firearms are designed to defend,”

        They are an active defence system I agree; however, as proven the firearm is only effective in either role depending on the user.

        Projectiles do not discriminate against targets fired in any role. There are more negligent discharges, indiscriminate or accidental target identification during military actions than any of us will ever know.

        “Guns weren’t the root cause of this tragedy.”

        Of course, it was an unbalanced kid who carried out this atrocious action. If, for arguments sake, after an Australian type of gun reform had been in place for between 10- 20 years and he was unable to purchase a gun, he then would have had to steal one, however legal gun owners must store weapons within proper legal gun safes as required by law and it would be virtually impossible to break into one. Maybe the black market or gangs would sell him one? If he knew a contact and difficult to obtain because illegal gun ownership has very high penalties and after a few countrywide gun collections of illegal weapons, guns are now rare and harder to get and the more expensive they would become, and more than likely beyond this kids’ budget.

        He can arm himself with bats, swords and knives to do some damage, but he will have to get within range to use these weapons and it would be hard work to only claim a couple of victims before being overpowered.

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