We need more moms and dads 3

By Tom Quiner

This Facebook post from an old acquaintance appeared on Mother’s Day:

Not to take away from all the wonderful, brave mothers that I admire immensely, but I want to take a moment to honor all the women who by circumstance or choice are brave enough to live as non mothers. I hope we are moving toward a world where a woman is viewed as complete without mothering. I hope the future question can be “why did you chose to have children” instead of being looked at and have it wondered why you didn’t.

So brava (sic) you/us women who don’t mother. It’s OKAY. It’s more than ok! Let’s be triumphant for the opportunities we have! Feed your souls, feed yourself, feed your art, feed your spouse, feed your pets, feed your career and never feel less than.

There are many, many women I’d love to tag, but I think you already know who you are. Much love. I am thinking of you and draw from your courage.

Based on exchanges I have had with her in the past, she is a militant proponent of abortion “rights.” She is an in-your-face leftist in her Facebook postings.

The bolded sentence says it all. Those women who by choice aborted their child and chose non-motherhood still deserve honoring, in the eyes of those on the Left.

It’s ironic. Yesterday’s Chicago’s Tribune has an article that reveals the US’s birthrate hit a thirty year low last year. We’re not replacing ourselves at the same time that liberals expand entitlement programs that can only fiscally work with a rising birth rate.

The Left has no time for motherhood, and yet we need more moms and dads more than ever.




  1. You could always depend on immigration, Muslims have plenty of children and so do Catholics if they do not use birth control.

    • That they are wrong, whether the metric is science, economics, or theology. Human innovation is the ultimate resource. More people means more innovation. The earth has plenty of room AND resources. As far as America goes, how are we going to fund social security, medicare, medicaid, and Obamacare? With more people.

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