The pornography of abortion 1

Pornographers view humanity threw a skewed prism. All are objects, whether it is their clientele who consume their product, or their casts who perform before the camera, only to be discarded when Father Time renders their bodies as undesirable.

But what about the political left? Are they any better? After all they, view the object in the womb as an object from the moment of conception until birth, an object to be discarded at the whim of the mother for any reason at all.

At least you can understand the pornographer’s motive: it’s all about the money.

There’s no doubt that abortion is big business, too. But that’s not the driving motive for the rank and file leftist. They are unable or unwilling to see the humanity of the baby in the womb. More…

“We wanted to live as humans” 3

How bad is North Korea? Watch the video above.

The U.S. has followed a bipartisan path of appeasement for two decades to no effect. North Korea has merely grown more emboldened.

They have the Bomb, and the they are systematically developing a missile delivery system that will soon put South Korean, Japan, and Seattle in their crosshairs within a year, or months, or days… More…

More Facebook smugness 4

As liberals so often do, Stephen Colbert sets up a false choice in the meme above.

A friend posted it on Facebook. Mr. Colbert suggests that if you don’t want to help the poor “without condition,” which to a liberal like Colbert means more welfare programs and more public spending without a speck of discernment as to whether it works or even has unwanted side-effects, then we are rejecting Jesus… More…