Jordan Speith is no Tiger Woods, thank goodness! 2

Jordan Speith is no Tiger Woods.

I’m speaking of his on-course demeanor and off-course conduct. Tiger Woods’ demeanor is legendary: he’s not a very likable guy on the course. His off-course conduct is even worse.

Jordan Speith is everything Tiger Woods isn’t when it comes to being a human being. But when it comes to golf, well, Mr. Speith is the only other golfer in Tiger’s league… More…

Democrat lives matter more than Republican lives to the mainstream media 2

Two similar events occurred seven years apart.

A Democratic Congresswoman, Gabby Giffords, was shot in 2011. A Republican Congressman, Steve Scalise, was shot last week.

The Democrat was shot by a person diagnosed as a “madman,” to use a politically-incorrect term. The Republican was shot by a vocal supporter of Democratic Party… More…