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Is this blasphemous? 3

“I have come to realise why I am not religious. Reading some of the posts on this has proven how delusional some people are. Yes it’s your beliefs. Good for you. Don’t hate on ones that don’t believe. I don’t believe or care for religion, it starts and creates wars and kills people. Want to argue that? Shall I get the number of deaths by religions from round the world, and you can’t say they aren’t religious people cause that’s just a cop out and basically putting it under the rug, it’s a problem and has been for the past 2000 years. Even Jesus got killed on a cross. But some of the posts by very religious people reminds me of listening to my bipolar friend who thinks he’s an American spy. Gtfo over it. It’s a f**k**g joke. Your lives must be very sad.” More…