Western liberals are okay with women being treated as second class citizens Reply

Liberals despise Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

And yet Ms. Ali is a feminist. She speaks out on behalf of women who are raped, mutilated, sold, and treated like objects. She does so at risk to her life, as she has received death threats.

You’d think American liberals would swoon over a gutsy freedom fighter for female rights. They don’t. Ms. Ali has committed a cardinal sin in the eyes of Wester liberals… More…

Be a man, Mr. President 2

“You have cancer.”

The man was shaken by these words from his doctor.

“What kind of cancer do I have, Doc? Is it Lung cancer? Prostate cancer? Pancreatic?”

With the flick of a hand, the doctor dismissed the question.

“That’s not what matters. Here’s what does matter. You’re responsible. And so am I. And so are all of us. Our attitudes towards the LGBTQ community has brought you to this.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” the exasperated patient sputtered. “You’ve just told me I’ve got cancer cells growing somewhere in my body. How should we treat it? Chemo? Surgery? Radiation? What do my views on any issue have to do with anything?”


You know where I’m going with this… More…