ADULTS ONLY: Location of G spot discovered? Reply

By Tom Quiner

Oh, my goodness! Jodi Miller is on a roll today!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, and NewsBusted’s cracker jack reporter is about to unload on you the searing coverage the Mainstream News Media won’t go near.


Because it doesn’t make Mitt Romney look bad!

Even though it’s dangerous to cross the Obama Machine, Jodi is fearless. Let them audit her! The government already has all her money, like the rest of us yokels!

Today’s stories have a good natured edge that might even generate a smirk out of our Kommander and Chief Himself [cynicism intended].

Today’s stories:

√ Recovery summer #3 is just six weeks away!

√ Will Obama be re-elected over our dead bodies?!

√ How the MSM treats Obama’s “composite girl friend”

√ 46% of doctors regret going into medicine.  And a 100% of them regret [watch for the answer!]

√ Why Newt Gingrich’s campaign debt is no big dea.

√ South Carolina teacher awarded the “Helen Thomas Teacher’s Award!”

√ Obama’s Jewish support plunges.

√ ADULTS ONLY:  Location of G spot discovered?

Hang on to your seat for some spicy Friday reporting. Take it away, Jodi!

Michelle Obama’s secret fantasy Reply

It’s Friday, and Jodi Miller is back! The crackerjack reporter from NewsBusted enjoyed a much-deserved vacation last week. As you will quickly discover, the news never stops, and Jodi is back with a fresh take on the news the Mainstream Media chooses to ignore. Jodi always does it with a smile and the gentle wit that even our liberal friends admit is awfully sweet. Wait til you hear her scoop on Michelle Obama’s secret fantasy. Whew! That’s all I’m sayin’ … More…

“Ron Paul minus the charisma” Reply

By Tom Quiner

It’s Friday. This is the day we feature Jodi Miller, crack reporter for NewsBusted.

Well, NewsBusted let her take a vacation today. This provides us with the perfect opportunity to run one of her vintage broadcasts from May 23rd, 2008. Her Ron Paul crack is worth the price of admission!

Sit back and enjoy some vintage Jodi Miller!

Libs angry at Wal-Mart for shutting down meth lab! Reply

By Tom Quiner

Did you hear about the meth lab found in a Wal-Mart? NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller has the scoop. And her take on the story is vintage Jodi.

My friends, praise the Lord, Friday is here! Time for 156 seconds of laughter in tribute to our liberal brothers and sisters. Quiner’s Diner pays homage to the, shall we say, “interesting” way in which liberals see the world by bringing you NewsBusted. Crackerjack reporter, Jodi Miller, exposes the stories the Mainstream Media won’t touch, including:

√ Why VP Biden thinks Romney is going to win!

√ The VP praises Al Franken as America’s greatest legal scholar!

√ Libs angry at Wal-Mart for shutting down meth lab!

√ Why Romney will lock up the women’s vote!

√ How socialized medicine affects your teeth. Watch out, this isn’t pretty!

√ Study: drinking makes you smarter. I’ll drink to that!

√ Obama’s socialist reality.

√ A virgin taxpayer is needed in the White House! Here’s why …

Stop. Take a couple of minutes to laugh. Then make a liberal mad by buying something at Wal-Mart on the way home from work!

Have a great weekend!

Take it away, Jodi …

Connecticut Dems replace the death penalty with Obamacare! Reply

I’m sure you’ve guessed by the headline above that this is Friday and time for some fun. We need Friday. We certainly need some fun after this week. Democrats beat up on Ann Romney for being a stay-at-home mom. The president demagogued the so-called “wage gap” issue. Iowa Democrats rejected the nomination of a great candidate to the Board of Medicine for being too Catholic. Whew! We need a little lighter news to get us into the weekend spirit … More…