Liberal historian blames Democratic election repudiation on racism 5

“I don’t think it has anything to do with him personally, except that he’s a black man. The election of Trump was a gut-level response to what many Americans interpreted as an insult eight years ago, and have been seething against ever since. The only way you can see Trump as somehow Obama’s fault is Obama’s very being. It’s ontological.” More…

Let us go slowly on the Minnesota shooting Reply

What went wrong in Ferguson?

There was a rush to judgement. A cop was tried by the press for shooting Michael Brown and found guilty.

The president and assorted Democratic politicians were quick to indict the police before an investigation even began.

When the dust had settled, when cooler heads had conducted a detailed investigation, when forensic evidence was analyzed, the officer who shot Michael Brown was exonerated of any wrong doing.

It was determined he shot Brown in self defense.

We have another shooting in Minneapolis that has saturated airwaves… More…