This is a ludicrous public investment. If Mr. Obama is re-elected, watch for more.

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They’re talking about building a high-speed rail connection between Las Vegas and Victorville, California.  Of course, they’ve been talking about that idea for years.  The difference now is that our government is seriously considering making a $4.9 billion loan — that’s billion — to help finance the project.

Amazing, isn’t it, that after the disastrous failure of Solyndra the federal government would still consider making any loans to private firms, much less loans of billions of dollars?  That’s not the only amazing thing about this proposal, however.

For those who aren’t familiar with California geography, Victorville is 68 miles from Los Angeles.  The concept for the “DesertXpress” train thus envisions L.A. residents bound for Vegas white-knuckling their way through the appalling southern California traffic and then, just as they reach the wide open spaces of the High Desert, getting off the road and waiting for a train!  If…

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Sainthood for atheists 6

Will sainthood shake your faith in atheism? Quiner’s Diner has many faithful atheist readers. I appreciate your comments. You keep me on my toes. I hope I make you pause and think once and awhile. I’d like to call attention to the notion of sainthood for the benefit of my atheist readers. In fact, my Protestant and other non-Catholic readers may find this post interesting. Sainthood is in the news … More…