Bubba Watson for President? 4

Bubba Watson turned the world of golf upside down yesterday with his stunning, come-from-behind victory in the Masters Golf Tournament. It got me thinking. Should Republicans consider drafting him as their nominee? I know what you’re saying. He’s only thirty-three, he’s not old enough to be president according to the Constitution. On the other hand, he’s got an authentic U.S. birth certificate. That counts for something, doesn’t it! … More…

“The system has sucked the life out of the people” 1

“I have no hope.” This is what a woman said to Bishop Richard Pates on his trip to Cuba with Pope Benedict last week. The Bishop said “Life is very hard … the system has sucked the life out of the people.” And yet American Democrats love Cuba and Fidel Castro. As the Chairperson of the Democratic Black Caucus said after her trip to Cuba, “The bottom line is President Castro is still charming, and our country still sucks.” Why is Cuba better than the U.S. in the eyes of so many Democrats? … More…

Bubba kicks butt while Tiger kicks club 2

By Tom Quiner

Forgive my indelicate headline. I couldn’t resist.

The 2012 Masters just ended with a spectacular victory by Bubba Watson in dramatic sudden-death. Watson started the final round three shots behind third round leader, Peter Hanson of Sweden.

He watched his playing partner, Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa, make a spectacular double-eagle on the second hole to quickly vault to the lead. At one point, Watson trailed Oosthuizen by as many five strokes.

But he didn’t give up, reeling off four consecutive birdies on the back side to catch Oosthuizen and force the playoff.

They halved the first hole, with Watson winning it on the second with a par.

Here is what struck me about the Masters this year.

Bubba Watson was passionate, bursting into tears with his final putt for victory. He was a gracious winner.

Louis Oosthuizen lost with class and a stoicism which becomes a real man.

The same goes for the great Phil Mickelson, one of the pre-tournament favorites. Mickelson started the final round a shot back but quickly dropped back with a disastrous triple bogey on the fourth hole.

He didn’t give up, battling back to two shots back before he ran out of holes.

One player stood out for his lack of class and his lack of stoicism in the face of disappointment, and that is Tiger Woods.

The thirty-six year old golfing great exhibited the maturity of a teenager when he kicked his club on the sixteen hole after another poor shot.

Tiger, it’s time to grow up. Your routine is growing old.

You can watch Mr. Woods in all his glory in the video above.

Congratulations, Bubba!

An intoxicating love affair with the divine 4

Last night was big. It was my 31st anniversary of becoming a parent. And it was another anniversary. I attended the beautiful Easter Vigil Mass at my church. It was the 31st anniversary of my entrance into the Catholic Church, an act whose significance grows each day. My baby boy and I both came into the Church that evening in 1981. Thirty-one is a fitting number. After all, I attend a church called Holy Trinity, named in honor of our God in three forms, who nevertheless is one God. The Father. The Son. The Holy Spirit. The sweep of the Catholic Easter Vigil is awe-inspiring. It is epic … More…