Momentum builds for life 1

By Tom Quiner

Maggie Dewitte, President of Iowans for Life

While Republican presidential candidates gathered in Waukee last night and made the case for the pro-life position, pro life activists continued to hit the streets. Above, Iowans for Life President, Maggie Dewitte, participated in a rally outside Leonard Boswell’s office asking his support to defund Planned Parenthood.

The efforts of activists like Ms. Dewitte are even more important than the efforts of politicians. Grass roots efforts throughout the land are changing hearts and minds one person at a time. We’re seeing it in polling data.  The Gallup poll has been asking the following question for the past decade:

“With respect to the abortion issue, would you consider yourself to be pro-choice or pro-life?”

In 2001, only 41 percent claimed to be pro-life. The numbers rose to 47 percent in last year’s poll.

Fox News asks a very similar question:

“On the issue of abortion, would you say you are more pro-life or more pro-choice?”

In 1997’s poll, only 40 percent said they were pro-life, but the number climbed to 50 percent in a poll completed in January of this year.

Democrats are on the wrong side of history on this issue, just as they were in the great slavery debate in the mid 19th century. The tide is turning thanks to tireless warriors for life like Maggie Dewitte.

Thanks for your hard work, Maggie. You are an inspiration to us all.



An impressive cast at the Iowa Faith and Freedom presidential forum tonight Reply

By Tom Quiner

I just got back from the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition’s presidential forum at the Point of Grace Church in Waukee, Iowa.

The church was packed. I’d be hard-pressed to estimate the crowd because the hall itself was filled to the brim, and an overflow crowd was out in the lobby listening.

The speakers included former Godfathers Pizza Executive, Herman Cain; Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich; former Louisiana Governor, Buddy Roemer; Former Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty; and former Pennsylvania Senator, Rick Santorum.

I was impressed by each speaker.

Newt Gingrich stood out for clearly defining the critical role of American exceptionalism, that our national values, our belief in God-given rights is the core of our greatness. The entire hall was riveted as he revealed exactly how a Republican President could change the direction of this country through the use of Presidential Executive Orders on day-one of a Republican presidency.

I was impressed with Tim Pawlenty’s executive experience and how much he got done in Minnesota working with (and against) the Democrats.

Rick Santorum has impressive pro-life credentials. He talked about how he launched the “born alive” legislative initiative whereby a baby that survives an abortion attempt would be entitled to medical assistance to save its life. State after state began introducing similar legislation. Only one state senator in the country opposed the law: Barack Obama.

Pro-life advocates have to feel good about this crop of candidates tonight.

Of these, who was the most presidential? Newt Gingrich.

Should taxpayers support PBS? 1

By Tom Quiner

I am writing this as I watch the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables.  I’m a huge fan of this musical. I am enthralled by the magnitude of the production. I am grateful to PBS for broadcasting this magnificent concert.

They are running this show as the centerpiece of their fund drive. I hope they raise a ton of money to keep this kind of programming coming.

PBS broadcasts a number of shows I love and regularly watch, like Masterpiece Theater and M1-5.

In light of this endorsement of PBS, do I advocate taxpayer support? No, I don’t for two reasons.

For one, by my understanding of the Constitution, it is not a proper role for the federal government.

Even more, some programming on PBS has a political slant I don’t like.

PBS has used a slogan in years past that says: “if we don’t do it, who will?”  The answer is: the private sector would. I like the idea of fans of PBS donating money to support the wonderful artistic programming carried on PBS. Let’s keep tax dollars out of the picture.

Now, sit back and enjoy the classic song from Les Miz: Bring Him Home.