The power of religion in American politics Reply

The ascension of the religious Right gets all the press. But the faithful abound in the middle, too. Moderate social justice voters, so many of whom are Catholic, swing elections. These voters care about the pre-born and traditional marriage. They believe in religious freedom. Democrats are losing these people. Republicans can win them by presenting an agenda that balances intelligence and responsible public policy with compassion and justice … More…

Catholic Advocate comes to Des Moines 3

The president has a problem. He doesn’t like Catholics. In particular, he doesn’t like Catholics who attend Mass every week. Why do I make such a provocative claim? Because regular Mass attenders in the Catholic Church are more likely to embrace and honor the teachings of the Church than those who come once in a while, according to surveys. And the president aggressively opposes the Church’s teachings on Life, traditional marriage, and contraception … More…

Iowa Democrats target pro-life Catholic 1

By Rhonda Phillips

The Democratically controlled Senate’s rejection of nominee, Colleen Pasnik to the Iowa Board of Medicine (IBM), is deplorable.

Based on statements by Senator Jack Hatch (D), it is obvious Ms. Pasnik was not vetted for her work and scholarly qualifications but rather for her pro-life, Catholic background.

Senator Hatch’s remark, “Anyone with strong beliefs may be unable to provide the non-biased support or judgments to listen to presentations”—is not only ridiculous, it’s hypocritical because the current IBM is made up of members who hold strong anti-life beliefs.

Despite Ms. Pasnik’s stellar qualifications, Senator Hatch is playing fast and loose with the truth and dissembling to suit the ideologies of those in lockstep with the pro-abortion majority in the Senate.

Furthermore, for Senator Hatch to slanderously imply on the Senate floor that Ms. Pasnik may express violent anti-abortion tendencies based upon a photograph taken at a public meeting where she just happened to be standing next to a convicted felon linked to abortion clinic violence is reprehensible!

Fair-minded Iowans should take the Senator and Senate to task.

[Thanks to Rhonda Phillips for her guest contribution to Quiner’s Diner.]

Federal taxation for dummies Reply

“Federal deficits were caused by Bush’s tax cuts for the rich.” That was a typical response I got from a previous post, “Federal Spending for Dummies.” It struck me as a legitimate reaction. After all, President Bush and a Republican-controlled Congress cut income tax rates for all workers in 2001. Specifically, they reduced the top marginal income tax rate from 39.6 percent to 35 percent. Additional tax-reduction legislation was passed in the ensuing years which lowered various tax rates for America’s most productive workers. The suggestion was that government revenues shrunk because of these tax cuts, depriving the treasury of funds and driving up the deficit to unprecedented levels. And yet an analysis of the data reveals liberal critics have it wrong … More…

Connecticut Dems replace the death penalty with Obamacare! Reply

I’m sure you’ve guessed by the headline above that this is Friday and time for some fun. We need Friday. We certainly need some fun after this week. Democrats beat up on Ann Romney for being a stay-at-home mom. The president demagogued the so-called “wage gap” issue. Iowa Democrats rejected the nomination of a great candidate to the Board of Medicine for being too Catholic. Whew! We need a little lighter news to get us into the weekend spirit … More…