Dishonest Iowa Democrats smear a good woman 10

Iowa Democrats resorted to a smear campaign to provide cover in refusing to confirm Coleen Pasnik to the Iowa Board of Medicine. What was the beef against Ms. Pasnik? According to Senator Hatch: “She was accompanied by people who were…arrested and convicted of crimes and bombing of abortion clinics.” Mr. Hatch refers to a public hearing at the Iowa Board of Medicine in 2010, a meeting at which I was in attendance. Mr. Hatch was not truthful in his indictment of Ms. Pasnik … More…

Team Obama’s war on motherhood 8

Raising a family isn’t work. That’s what Barack Obama’s political operative, Hilary Rosen, said of stay-at-home moms. She accused Ann Romney of never working a day in her life. Liberals like Hilary Rosen and Barack Obama don’t value motherhood. They try to suppress it by expanding the quantity of abortions in this country. They try to suppress it by expanding the proliferation of taxpayer-funded contraception. Liberals love to accuse conservatives of waging a war on women, which is nonsense. It is more accurate to suggest in light Ms. Rosen’s tirade that Democrats are waging a war on motherhood … More…

The “Bubba Watson for President” movement grows! 3

Quiner’s Diner was the first credible blog to dangle Bubba Watson’s name as a potential presidential candidate. Now Politico has jumped on the bandwagon with coverage of Mr. Watson’s growing presidential ambitions, (“Bubba Watson eyes the White House”), perhaps encouraged by this humble blog’s endorsement … More…

“Night of the Living Debt” Reply

By Tom Quiner

"Night of the Living Debt"

Is the government spending too much? You be the judge.

In 1980, the federal government spent $2601 per citizen in 1980 dollars.

By 2009, the federal government was spending $5002 per citizen, in inflation-adjusted 1980 dollars.

We just about doubled spending per citizen. Are we twice as well off?

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