The “Bubba Watson for President” movement grows! 3

Quiner’s Diner was the first credible blog to dangle Bubba Watson’s name as a potential presidential candidate. Now Politico has jumped on the bandwagon with coverage of Mr. Watson’s growing presidential ambitions, (“Bubba Watson eyes the White House”), perhaps encouraged by this humble blog’s endorsement … More…

“Night of the Living Debt” Reply

By Tom Quiner

"Night of the Living Debt"

Is the government spending too much? You be the judge.

In 1980, the federal government spent $2601 per citizen in 1980 dollars.

By 2009, the federal government was spending $5002 per citizen, in inflation-adjusted 1980 dollars.

We just about doubled spending per citizen. Are we twice as well off?

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Where do you have the most power? Reply

Do you have more power as a consumer or as a voter? Interesting question, isn’t it? Think about it in the context of your health insurance. Obamacare has stripped away much of our power as consumers. The Rasmussen Poll reveals that 76% of Americans think they should have the right to choose between expensive insurance plans with low deductibles and low-cost plans with higher deductibles. Obamacare won’t allow you the choice … More…