The real story regarding the burning of the Koran 2

By Tom Quiner

Islamic shop owners in Houston publicly honor the pilot who flew into the twin towers.

The President is against the burning of the Koran.

The Secretary of State is against the burning of the Koran.

General David Petraus is against the burning of the Koran.

The Pope is against the burning of the Koran.

I’m against the burning of the Koran.

The always politically correct Mayor of New York said, that while he finds the whole affair “distasteful,” he backs the right of the Florida pastor to light up.

So, other than Mayor Bloomberg, most voices I’m hearing are vocally opposed to the Koran being burned as an act of protest against the religion of Islam.

There are bigger stories involved here than the burning of the Koran. ¬†Here they are, an exclusive from Quiner’s Diner:

Real Story #1: The Christian world is vocal in condemning violence and moronic behavior from their own, even if it’s a nutty Florida pastor going to great lengths to scratch and claw for his 15 minutes of fame. ¬†There is no comparable outcry from the Islamic world when their nuttiest members maim the innocent. Christian-Islamic relations would improve if we witnessed more Muslims publicly protesting Islam-motivated violence.

Real Story #2: Why is this even a story? ¬†The Florida pyro-pastor heads a church with only fifty members. ¬†He’s a nobody unless the media makes him a somebody. ¬†So why did the mainstream media (MSM) decide to make this a big story? ¬†Could it be a bias against Christianity? ¬†In other words, do they like to report about isolated kooks from conservative groups that make conservatives look bad while ignoring stories about left wing kooks?

Real Story #3: This story got so big, the President sent in the FBI to investigate this guy. ¬†On the other hand, the government ignored Nidal Malik Hasan’s embrace of radical Islam. ¬†They were aware of, but evidently unconcerned, with his e-mail communications with Anwar al-Awlaki, Islamic jihadist guru for terrorists. ¬†Of course, Mr. Hasan went on to murder 13 people at Fort Hood and wound 30 others. ¬†Why is so much political-correctness granted to Muslim nuts, but not Christian nuts?

Real Story #4: Not only are we not hearing enough public contrition from Muslims regarding the tragedy of 9/11, we’re getting in-your-face defiance on some fronts. You probably did’t hear about this in the MSM, but there was a store in a Houston mall last year displaying this sign:

“We will be closed on Friday, September 11, 2009 to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Ali.”

Imam Ali flew one of the planes into the twin towers.  Contrition? No. Defiance?  Yes.

Real Story #5: Meanwhile, over in Afghanistan, Al Jazeera showed a video on television of U.S. soldiers praying. ¬†They inferred our soldiers were there to spread Christianity. ¬†This was so politically incorrect that according to Lt. Colonel Wright, the “troops at posts in war zones are required to burn their trash.” What is this trash to which he refers? ¬†Christian bibles translated into Afghan languages. ¬†Soldiers weren’t even allowed to send their sacred scripture home. ¬†They had to burn it like trash. Why no outcry when Christian bibles are desecrated?

This November’s election will turn on several key issues. ¬†One of them is surely political correctness. ¬†Liberal elites grant it in lavish quantities to Islamic causes at the same time they loathe Christian ones.

Big bad debt 2

By Tom Quiner

Former Governor Branstad ran an ad charging Governor Culver with being a big spender.  Is this charge fair?

Let me quote State Auditor, David Vaudt:

“The Legislature‚Äôs Fiscal Year 2011 budget relies on over $700 million of one-time resources¬†which will not be available for Fiscal Year 2012.¬† In addition, nearly $90 million of General¬†Fund costs are shifted to other funds.¬† This creates a huge spending gap in the General¬†Fund budget for Fiscal Year 2012 when the one-time monies go away.¬† This spending gap is¬†often referred to as a ‚Äúcliff‚ÄĚ by experts because of the severity and suddenness of the drop in resources which are expected to be available.”

We’re in a heap of trouble in future budgets. ¬†The Democrats have controlled the Iowa General Assembly since the 2006 elections by large majorities. ¬†Prior to 2006, Iowa was noted for having a pretty evenly divided legislature. ¬†Democrat’s ascent to power has produced huge increases in spending for Iowa.

Governor Branstad is correct.

How to boost America’s economy now Reply

By Tom Quiner

Time to get America's economy back on track!

This Labor Day, 2010, our economy is hurting.  Everything the President and his party has tried has failed.

Unemployment is way up. ¬†Economic growth is stagnant. Net job creation doesn’t exist. ¬†The stock market is going nowhere fast.

The underlying premise of the President is that only government can get the economy back on track.  I would suggest that, if anything, the federal government has made things worse in many (but not all) respects.

Here are some concrete suggestions on how to get America back on track:

1. Renew the Bush tax cuts. ¬†The last thing we need now is a tax increase on America’s most productive Americans. In addition, we need to reduce the uncertainty that is paralyzing economic decision-making. ¬†Renew the tax cuts and get out of the way!

2. Sign the Korea-Free Trade Agreement.  Senator Grassley has been a huge advocate of this agreement.  The Bush administration got the agreement negotiated, the Obama administration essentially has killed it.  And yet the upside to the agreement is enormous.

Did you know Korea is the sixth largest export market for pork?  Japan is number one.  But according to the Iowa Pork Producer’s website, pork exports to Korea could surpass Japan’s once the treaty is fully implemented.  Even more, they project the agreement would give our pork producers an increase of $10 per hog marketed.

3. Allow individuals and families to shop for health insurance products across state lines.  This is one of the few products where interstate commerce is prohibited. Increased competition would generate more choice and lower prices for consumers.

4. Along that line, provide a refundable tax credit ‚Äď $2,300 for individuals and $5,700 for families ‚Äď to purchase coverage in any State, and keep it with them if they move or change jobs. ¬†This is a key component of the Republican’s “Roadmap for America’s future” as authored by Wisconsin Congressman, Paul Ryan.

5. Rescind the requirement for Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) on Federal construction projects.  As former Administrator for the General Services Administration, Lurita Doan, said:

[PLAs] “punish non-union, small construction businesses and often prevents them from bidding or performing federal construction work in their communities.”

6. Suspend the Minimum Wage (MW) until the national unemployment rate falls below 7 percent. ¬†As discussed in previous posts, the minimum wage punishes workers with low skills. ¬†It takes a devastating toll on teens, especially black teen aged males. The MW forces employers to pay some workers more than they’re worth, which suppresses employment. ¬†Lack of job opportunity drives some of these young men into gangs.

The minimum wage affects the nation’s economy in other ways. ¬†For example, it has encouraged illegal immigration. ¬†Employers who had jobs that weren’t worth the minimum wage filled those positions with illegals who were willing to work for what the job was really worth. ¬†By suspending the MW, we discourage illegal immigration.

Milton Friedman explains the fallacy of a minimum wage 3

By Tom Quiner

The late Nobel Laureate economist, Milton Friedman, explains why minimum wage legislation is counterproductive. He explains it better than anyone.  The clip above was made when the minimum wage was around $2.50, which dates the interview around 1977.  Unemployment for teens, and especially black teens, has only gotten worse, as I highlighted in my previous post.