Two Catholic women debate Quiner’s Des Moines Register article 18

The publisher of Quiner’s Diner is my husband, Tom. A recent blogpost of his, “The Catholic Vote Could Tip the Election,” was picked up by The Des Moines Register. As you can imagine, he received some pretty strong push back from anti-Catholics and liberal Catholics. One response really caught my attention. As readers of this blog know, my husband is more than capable of rebutting contrarian positions. But with this one response, I felt compelled to stand up for my Church from a woman’s perspective … More…



Good thoughts on outsourcing.


You had a hard week at work.  Everything that could go wrong did and at the worst possible moment.  But that’s done with and you’re driving home, looking forward to spending a pleasant weekend with your family.

A few miles from your home the traffic turns into a jam.  You think to yourself, “Well, that’s kind of typical of the way this week went.”  And then you see the reason for the stall.  There is a dark cloud of smoke ahead – and it’s coming from the neighborhood where your home is located.

“Oh please, God –  please don’t let that be my house that’s on fire,” you exclaim out loud.

Your anxiety builds as the traffic crawls forward in the thirty minutes it takes to move one half way to the billowing smoke.  Even with the air conditioner running at full throttle you can feel the perspiration dripping down the…

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