Great quote from Mike Huckabee last night: 6

‎”An attack on my Catholic brothers and sisters is an attack on me.”

MIKE HUCKABEE blasts the HHS Mandate at last night’s RNC


The Obama normal vs. the Romney prosperity 6

The real goal of the Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class is to create a generation of full employment and growing take home pay. The Romney vision for America is very much like that of Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. Like those great conservative leaders, Romney believes that if you have a job and you have rising take home pay, you can take care of your family, work as a volunteer in your neighborhood and build a decentralized free society of enormous potential. More…

The silence of the wolves 4

The focus has been on Republican treatment of rape victims, Romney tax returns, and how Republicans want to put blacks back in chains. Can you imagine such an unserious campaign? Can you imagine such silence on key issues in the face of such critical economic issues pressing America? More…


“A story worth knowing” 2

Small business is the backbone of the American economy. Small business is where job growth comes from. They’re the ones who employ most of the people in this country. Tonight, Congressman Paul Ryan spoke to us … More…


The significance of “who built it” 1

Homerun! That’s my reaction to last night’s opening round of speeches at the Republican National Convention. I loved the way they developed the theme that “we built it.” Republicans are the party of achievement, of entrepreneurship, of opportunity.Democrats are the party of government … More…