Is the government the solution or the problem? It can be the problem when the bureaucracy runs amok at the expense of the needy they supposedly serve. This post comes from one of my favorite bloggers.


In a post from January,  I spoke of how my grandmother, mom and aunt survived the Great Depression.  Food was both scarce and sacred.  I will never forget grandma saying at dinner, “Now eat everything because there are children in China who are starving.”   I always took her admonition seriously and my plate was always clean.

It still bothers me today when food is wasted.

When I lived in Chicago, an acquaintance who was a public school teacher told me that in his school, the milk which was provided at luncheon for the students which went unconsumed was dumped at the end of the day.

“Dumped,” I asked.  “You mean thrown out?”

“Yes,” he replied.

This bothered me immensely on several levels.

First, of course, was the sheer waste.  Second, why couldn’t the unopened cartons be gathered up and distributed to children who were poor?  I’ve bought a…

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Will Biden’s mouth force an Obama/Clinton ticket? 2

By Tom Quiner

Paul Ryan has energized the Republican base.

Joe Biden also energizes the Republican base at the same time he embarrasses his base by sticking his foot in his mouth.

Polls show the race tightening. Here’s the question: will President Obama dump Mr. Biden from his ticket and replace him with Hillary Clinton? Ms. Clinton would electrify Democrat’s base. She is a serious candidate who has burnished her reputation as Secretary of State. I think an Obama/Clinton ticket would be tough to beat.

She certainly wouldn’t be as much fun as Joe Biden.

What do you think?