Saturday morning economics lesson Reply

By Tom Quiner

Should government be bigger or smaller?

These two approaches to governance are on the line this election cycle more than ever. President Obama has already expanded government beyond anyone’s imaginings, and has barely gotten started should he win reelection.

Republicans think government is too big and would like to slow its growth at the very least, or begin contracting it.

Which approach is correct?

The video above provides a valuable economics lesson in a very entertaining way. It is an excerpt from a movie, “I Want Your Money,” which will be released this Fall.

“Ron Paul minus the charisma” Reply

By Tom Quiner

It’s Friday. This is the day we feature Jodi Miller, crack reporter for NewsBusted.

Well, NewsBusted let her take a vacation today. This provides us with the perfect opportunity to run one of her vintage broadcasts from May 23rd, 2008. Her Ron Paul crack is worth the price of admission!

Sit back and enjoy some vintage Jodi Miller!

Have we become comfortably numb? 3

Twenty years ago I was in Germany for work and decided to visit the remains of the Dachau concentration camp. Dachau was the first concentration camp that the Nazi’s opened, less than two months after Hitler came into power. I can remember standing in the crematoria building looking at a picture on the wall that showed a pile of dead people awaiting the ovens. I then realized I was standing in the exact spot where the bodies were piled 50 years earlier. I wanted to throw up …

Today’s Herods 1

“The only differences between the Herod of old and the Herods of today are in the weapons used and the number of victims. “Herod used swords and spears to kill the Holy Innocents. Today’s Herods use abortion, “The Pill” and other chemical weapons. And whereas Herod killed a relatively small number of babies, today’s Herods have butchered literally hundreds of millions … with no end in sight!” People I know would be enraged by this quote … More…