Is a bonfire the moral equivalent of mass murder? Reply

By Tom Quiner

A man burns a book many people love.

He video tapes and broadcasts the event around the world.

He adds subtitles to be sure his intended target can read it.

The response to those upset with the book burning?  Mass murder.  Beheadings. All done to strangers.

Let us not dwell on details. Is there any moral equivalence to the two events?  In other words, is a book-burning, regardless of the book, EVER morally equivalent to mass murder?

In other words, if someone burned the Christian Bible, does that justify Christians killing and beheading people?

If someone burned Atlas Shrugged, does that justify Objectivists and other members of an Ayn Rand Cult going out on a beheading spree?

The answer is yes, the actions are morally equivalent in the eyes of two groups, Muslims and American liberals, if the book being burned is the Koran. For that is what just happened on April 1st. Muslims were upset with a no-name, goof-ball preacher named Terry Jones who burned the Koran. Their response? Why go out and kill U.N. workers and cut off their heads.  Four folks are dead.  Two lost their heads.

Joe Klein is a liberal who writes for Time Magazine. He made it clear that Preacher Jones’ actions were just as bad as the murderous mob of Muslims:

“There should be no confusion about this: Jones’s act was murderous as any suicide bomber’s.”

There of course is no similarity in the two acts except in the eyes of modern moral barbarians, such as Islamic extremists and American liberals.




The “shocking” white baby from New Jersey 1

By Tom Quiner

This baby is “shocking, unsettling and manipulative.”

CBS Outdoor, the billboard advertising arm of CBS Television, refuses to allow a group to use this image on a billboard on which they wish to advertise in New Jersey for those reasons.

A pro life group wishes to use the image along with this ad copy:


A Woman’s “Right to Choose”


A Baby’s Right to Live

We Can Help.  Call 1.800.848.LOVE

CBS spokesperson, Dianne Curry, said:

“While we accept ads for both “Pro Choice” and “Right to Life” organizations, we acknowledge that the issue is highly polarizing with strong advocacy on each side of the debate. Additionally, it is a potentially emotional topic that might be unduly disturbing to your women who may have made the kinds of choices that the displays deal with. Therefore, the accepted copy cannot include images which might be deemed shocking, unsettling or even manipulative.”

However, Ms. Curry was comfortable allowing the following billboard to run:

This is an outstanding billboard, one that addresses the issue of black genocide on which this blog has written.

But one can’t help but be struck by  CBS’ inconsistency: black baby good; white baby bad.

I would suggest that a human life is a human life whether black, white, or purple.

Political correctness continues to flourish at CBS and the rest of the mainstream media.

How do American unions compare to Poland’s Solidarity Union? 2

By Tom Quiner

Lech Walesa (John Busbee) leads the Solidarity Labor Union in this scene from The Pope of the People

My new musical, The Pope of the People, is in the middle of its three weekend run. It’s a musical about the impact of John Paul II on Poland and the world.

The musical drama depicts the famous strike led by Lech Walesa at the Gdansk shipyards. Mr. Walesa made 21 demands on behalf of the fledgling Solidarity Labor Union back in the early 80s.

My liberal friends have taken great delight in pointing out my sympathy for Solidarity, and lack thereof for American unionism. The suggestion is that unionism is unionism, right?

I think not.

Mr. Walesa called for rights like freedom of speech and access to a free mass medium, rights Americans enjoy.

He called for management based on merit, not party affiliation, something American Unions certainly don’t embrace.

Polish laborers had it tough. So did American laborers. Our labor unions deserve credit for improving working conditions for the common man. But today’s public union employees live better than Solidarity’s communist masters!

Good grief, the health insurance for Wisconsin’s public union employees includes coverage for Viagra, paid for by taxpayers.

They pay little for their health insurance. Taxpayers pick up most of the tab.

They enjoy defined benefit pension plans. Most taxpayers have defined contribution plans which provide less security than the former.

In some respects, today’s unions remind me more of the communists than the Solidarity union. After all, in states without right to work laws, workers often get stuck paying compulsory union dues, a good chunk of which go to support “the party,” also know as the Democrats. So much for choice.

If someone wants to donate to the Democratic Party, fine. But they shouldn’t have to do it against their will. They shouldn’t have their money taken from them before it even touches their hands to support efforts to liberalize abortion and gay marriage laws, as Democrats are attempting in every state.

I won’t even talk about the players union in the NFL where millionaires are going on strike.

No, there is no comparison between yesterday’s Solidarity labor movement and today’s American labor unions.

[Be sure to see The Pope of the Pope of the People this weekend. Check the website for showtimes:]

Do pro-lifers deserve constitutional freedoms? 2

By Tom Quiner

Senator Frank Lautenberg, Democrat, New Jersey

No, pro-lifers do not deserve constitutional freedoms according to Democratic Senator, Frank Lautenberg.  I quote:

“These people (referring to pro-life advocates) don’t deserve the freedoms of the Constitution.”

Senator Lautenberg  and his party already deny the unborn any Constitutional freedoms, beginning with a right to life. Now does he also want to take them away from folks who advocate for the tiniest human beings?

I think the good Senator is doing what so many politicians do: rant. I don’t think he really wants to take away liberties from folks who want to treat the unborn like human beings.

I don’t really think he’s serious that pro lifers, like the unborn, are somehow subhuman, and not fully deserving of human rights.

He can’t be serious, can he?

Des Moines Register writes about The Pope of the People Reply

By Tom Quiner

Maxwell Schaeffer, as Pope John Paul II, and John Busbee, as Lech Walesa, celebrate the birth of freedom in Poland.

The premier of The Pope of the People, the John Paul II musical, is just two days away.  The Register’s art and entertainment reporter, Michael Morain, wrote a nice piece about the production in today’s Register. Check it out here.

I wrote and am producing the musical as part of the Centennial Celebration for the Catholic Diocese of Des Moines. Gina Gedler, one of Des Moines’ top theater talents, is directing the production. Maxwell Schaeffer, a radio host on KIOA radio, plays the part of Pope John Paul II.  John Busbee, a radio host on KFMG, plays the part of Lech Walesa; and Brad Church plays the role of the bad guy, the communist President of Poland.

The Pope makes the communist President of Poland (Brad Church) uneasy.

It is being performed in seven churches throughout Des Moines in the month of April beginning this Friday night at 8 PM at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Is The Pope of the People just for Catholics? Not at all. JPII was a historical figure who played a prominent role in the demise of communism in Easter Europe. Even more, Lech Walesa was a labor leader who agitated for human rights and eventually became President of Poland.

This is a story for everyone!

Advance ticket prices are $18, $22 at the door.

Advance ticket prices for students are $9, $10 at the door.

Children twelve and under are free when accompanied by an adult.

You can order tickets online at


April 1, 8PM, Sacred Heart Catholic Church

April 2, 7:30PM, St. Pius Catholic Church

April 3, 3PM, All Saints Catholic Church

April 8, 7:30PM, St. Mary of Nazareth Catholic Church

April 9, 7:30PM, St. Augustin Catholic Church

April 10, 6PM, Christ the King Catholic Church

April 17, 3PM, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

Get more details here: