Christian golfer, Bubba Watson, wins the Masters … again! 6

How many 6′ 3″ men do you know with a wife taller than he is?

Meet Gerry Lester Watson Jr., also known as “Bubba.” But it’s not the heighth of Bubba and Angie Watson that matters, nor the length of Bubba’s prodigious drives. It’s the size of the heart of these two committed Christians … More…

The challenge of making “Jesus” movies 2

Good Christians have intensely personal relationships with Christ.

My evangelical Christian friends talk about the necessity of establishing this personal relationship, this friendship, with God’s only Son. Catholics pursue this relationship through the Church’s sacraments which are profoundly personal.

In other words, Christians see Christ a little bit differently, even though they are friends with the same Man-God. You can see the challenge filmmakers face when creating movies about the life of Christ … More…

What morals does a Christian have that an atheist lacks? 1

A Quiner’s Diner reader, Joe, challenged this blog with three provocative questions:

1. There is a man who goes to my sister’s church who is quite upset over this Duck Dynasty ordeal. This is a man who according to Jesus is an adulterer since he has twice divorced (no annulments granted here). Why does no one seem to have a problem with his sins?

2. What morals do you as Christians have that I, an atheist, lack?

3. What laws specifically need to be passed to bring us within God’s Law?
Great questions.

I ran his questions by a cross section of friends whose opinions I respect. I’d like to share some feedback … More…