As Obamacare implodes, the stakes ratchet up Reply

Obamacare is coming to a head.

Thanks to Marco Rubio, the so-called Affordable Health Care Act is set to implode due to sharply rising costs.

Dick Morris provides insight into this coming political issue in the video commentary above. This is good stuff.

It presents opportunity … and peril for conservatives. After listening, you will understand the stakes. More…

The case that could destroy Obamacare 2

By Tom Quiner

Political commentator, Dick Morris, says Obamacare could be destroyed by a court case flying under the radar.

The case, Halbig v Sebellius, says that the Affordable Care Act clearly states that health insurance subsidies can only be passed on through state health insurance exchanges, not federal ones. Only 14 states have their own exchanges. The rest are federal exchanges.

If in fact the court upholds the clear language of the statute, the entire foundation of the program crumbles.

Watch the video above for details.