The face of leadership 6

By Tom Quiner

Carly Fiorina is class.

Donald Trump isn’t. Mr. Trump generally proves it every time he opens his mouth. He drew particular attention to his boorishness by mocking Carly Fiorina’s appearance last week.

Ms. Fiorina struck back with a zinger of an ad, which I’ve posted above.

Way to go, Carly! Great ad. And for the record, I like her face.

I predict this week’s debate will mark the zenith of Donald Trump’s popularity. He has no where to go but down.


Liberals loathe free speech 15

Does free speech offend you?

This is the title of the new video from Prager University. The video points out the speech codes in place at our nation’s university which are meant to restrict conservative free speech.

Political correctness, as it is better known, helps to explain the rising fortunes of Donald Trump, the least PC-friendly candidate in the current presidential campaign… More…