Conan O’Brien laments Hillary’s poverty 2

By Tom Quiner

In her new book, Hillary Clinton laments that they came out of the White House “dead broke and in debt.”

Conan O’Brien put the Clinton’s dilemma in perspective:

 “It got so bad, they had to share a bedroom. Til the $8 million book deal check arrived.”


Chump change Reply

Before he went into business for himself, I remember the night that we were having dinner and my dad made a big announcement to the family. He had been offered a new sales position with a firm that was a competitor to his present employer and he had accepted it. But the big part of the announcement was, “If I exceed my quotas, I can earn twenty thousand dollars in my first year.” A hush fell over the table as mom, grandma and I were awestruck as we tried to contemplate that massive amount of money … More…