A conversation at the Iowans for Life booth at the Iowa State Fair 4

“Look, a baby!”

One kid after another squealed that phrase in delight yesterday. You should have seen them.

I was working a shift at the booth for Iowans for Life at the Iowa State Fair. We had accurate models of the human person at 12 weeks in the womb, 16 weeks, 22 weeks, and 26 weeks.

Kids would pick up the models and cradle them in their arms. The weight for each model was pretty accurate, as I understand it. They were made out of some rubbery material which made them extremely huggable. Kids treated them lovingly, with great care… More…

The Planned Parenthood “goo” lie 2

Karen and I took our 2 year old grandson to the CelebrAsian Festival this afternoon.

We soaked up some wonderful Asian culture and cuisine. As we strolled past the various booths, we came upon the Iowans for Life tent. Evidently, we just missed a representative from Planned Parenthood who had popped in to challenge them. She gloated that she had a PHD and knew what was best for women … More…

Prayers continue to be answered this Advent 4

The secular world is oblivious to the lavish quantity of prayers devoted to Life.

In the Catholic Church alone, thousands of the faithful say Rosaries every day, every week, every month, year-after-year on behalf of this single cause alone.

So many of our Protestant brothers and sisters join us in praying on behalf of the dignity of human life … More…