Obama’s credibility is in a free fall 2

What is your word worth? Everything.

Sadly, President Obama’s credibility is in a free fall. In fairness, every politician, conservative or liberal, is going to say things on the campaign trail that they simply can’t live up to. Sometimes they were blowing smoke in the first place. Sometimes, political realities get in the way.

President Obama’s credibility has gone beyond the vagaries of campaign promises run amuck. His integrity is questionable. More…

How Republicans can regain the momentum Reply

Obama has crushed the Republicans.

They knew heading into the government shutdown that they will lose the PR wars. Admittedly, they have always rebounded fairly well, as they did during the Gingrich/Clinton shutdowns in the mid 90s.

But times are different today. They are up against the most formidable foe the GOP has faced since the old Soviet Union.

Barack Obama will negotiate with terrorists, anti-semites, and America haters on any corner of the earth. But he has proven his resolve in not only refusing to negotiate with Republicans, but in trying to destroy the Republican brand.

There is one way for the Republicans to regain the momentum … More…