A president in over his head 11

“I’m thinking we should do something.”

These were the sentiments expressed by a friend over coffee this morning. We were talking about the Syrian situation.

My friend was concerned about the victims of chemical weapons in Syria. Shouldn’t a great nation like the U.S. intercede in the name of humanity? For the record, she is an ardent Obama supporter … More…

The IRS scandal is not about Republican overreach 5

Democrats and all the president’s men in the MSM are now colluding to change the narrative of the scandal. This would be a mistake. This scandal is different, very different from other Washington scandals down through the years. The outcome of the investigation will determine if choose to remain America or not. More…

Does the “other side” have a good motive? 1

By Tom Quiner

No, the other side does not have a good motive.

Democrats despised President Bush and former Speaker Newt Gingerich.  They didn’t trust their motives.

Republicans despise President Obama and Speaker Pelosi.  They don’t trust their motives.

It wasn’t always this way in America, was it?

One of America’s great commentators on politics and culture, Peggy Noonan, talks about America shortly after President Obama’s election in 2008.  Watch the interview above for Ms. Noonan’s always astute insights.

A few gems: President Obama is NOT particularly eloquent. Print out his speeches and read them. They are not memorable.

By contrast, print out Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and you will get goose bumps.

She laughed at then candidate Obama’s infamous line that determining when life begins is above his pay grade. She said ask any teen age boy who’s buying a pack of condoms when life begins if you want the correct (and obvious) answer.

Ms. Noonan said a line from Pope Benedict sticks with her when contemplating her life and the world: “God is in charge of history.” She adds: “do your best … it’s not all on you, but do your best.”

Ms. Noonan calls for more grace in our political life … and sees a need to assume that the other side has good motives.