A riveting four minutes with Ronald Reagan 3

By Tom Quiner

How politically incorrect can one be!

The late, great Ronald Reagan delivered a memorable speech in 1983 in which he characterized the Soviet Union as an evil empire.

The press screamed.

Democrats screamed.

Liberals everywhere screamed.

That is not a very polite thing to say, Mr. President! After all, they are people very much like us. Maybe they’re a little misguided, but we’re not perfect either. After all, look at all the terrible things America has done.

Morality is always relative with the Left. They’re quick to point out their own nation’s flaws as quickly as they’re willing to excuse atrocities on the other side, whether they’re communists, Islamic fascists, or environmental whackos.

So to be politically incorrect, let us remember why Mr. Reagan characterized the Soviet Union as evil.

They seized nations and ruthlessly dominated them.

Elections weren’t allowed.

Freedom of the press was eradicated.

God was expunged from the public square and the home. (A woman from Poland told how the communists marched into the pharmacy her father owned and forced him to remove the crucifix from the wall.) Atheism was established as the state religion.

Innocents were killed and imprisoned in staggering proportions. In his book, The Great Terror, writer Robert Conquest presented these estimates of the carnage wrought by Joseph Stalin:

Arrests, 1937-1938 – about 7 million
Executed – about 1 million
Died in camps – about 2 million
In prison, late 1938 – about 1 million
In camps, late 1938 – about 8 million

This isn’t evil? It not, what is?

Ronald Reagan is remembered on his 100th birthday in a way that few others are … or will be. Why? Because he spoke with conviction. He didn’t care that it might make him unpopular with some folks. Ultimately, he was a leader, not a follower.

And he changed the world.

The evil empire is dead.

What’s the difference between Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama? 1

By Tom Quiner

Yesterday was Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday.

I thought about him during the Super Bowl last night when the NFL presented the Declaration of Independence as narrated by General Colin Powell and NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, which I have posted above.

Messrs. Reagan and Obama view the Declaration through such a different prism. Mr. Reagan’s take on fundamental rights is more in line with Founding Fathers Jefferson, Adams, and Madison than Mr. Obama, who categorically rejects the notion of a God-given right to life.

But there is another fundamental difference between the two men. Mr. Reagan views the American people as being smart.

Mr. Obama views the American people as being dumb.

How else does one explain President Obama’s overreach in his expansion of the federal government in our lives?

We yokels with our guns and Bibles need the nanny state, as administered by Washington elites, to take care of us is the view of Mr. Obama.

Ronald Reagan worked valiantly at getting government off our back. He thought we were more capable of figuring out how to spend our money than the government was.

Mr. Obama has inserted the federal government into our lives in ways the Founding Fathers never intended. He has signed legislation that will fine us, and even imprison us us, if we don’t buy a certain product, health insurance, whether we want it or not.

He takes our tax money and uses it to pay for abortions.

Mr. Reagan was often portrayed as being not very smart by liberals and the media. And yet look at how he changed the world. Communism crumbled. The economy boomed. Jobs were created. America got richer from bottom to top.

Ronald Reagan looked up to the American people.

Barack Obama looks down at the American people from his lofty perch.

President Reagan had a wisdom and leadership style that changed the world for the better.

We salute you, Ronald Reagan, on your 100th birthday!



November 9th, 1989 1

By Tom Quiner

Three giants of the 20th century collaborated  on a miracle, the fall of communism. Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan. Margaret Thatcher. They each shared a unique character quality: conviction. They didn’t follow the crowd, they led the world based on the courage of their conviction.

The Berlin Wall came down 21 years ago. Relive the sheer joy of this triumph of freedom and human dignity. Thanks to the Pope, Mr. Reagan, and Mrs. Thatcher for persevering in the face of overwhelming odds.

The Party of Growth 2

By Tom Quiner

The time has come for the Republican Party to begin acting like Republicans again.

This week’s election is not a mandate for Republicans, but rather a mandate for Republican ideas. One of America’s best and brightest pundits is the Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger. He talked about what Republicans need to do in today’s column:

“The simplest way for the Republican Party to free itself and the economy from this unending Beltway hell is by reviving a core belief of one of the country’s most successful presidents: If the government will get out of the way, Ronald Reagan argued, there’s no limit to what the American people can achieve.”

And there you have it. Democrats believe in the power of the government. Reagan Republicans believe in the power of the people and free markets. As I pointed out in my post yesterday, Republicans collaborated in the explosion of government spending under Bush II. Not to be undone, President Obama has left President Bush in the dust.

When President Bush II left office, the federal government controlled 35 percent of our economy. In two short years, Mr. Obama has increased the share to 44.7 percent, ahead of socialist-leaning democracies like Great Britain and Germany.

Do we want this much power, this much of our dwindling wealth, shipped into the beltway for bureaucrats to determine what’s best for America?

It’s time for Republicans to say no. As Mr. Henninger said:

“Congressional spending is the locus of Washington’s power. They decide who gets reprocessed taxpayer money and who doesn’t. This sustains the regulatory bureaucracies and all those orbiting Washington lobbyists. That is the solar system known as Inside the Beltway.”

Republicans need to listen to President Reagan. Let’s take back our country from the big spenders in Washington who are making our country worse, not better.

The chart below shows it all. Our government is out of control.

I encourage you to take the time to listen to Ronald Reagan’s 1964 speech above. It struck me how it is immediately fresh and relevant. His ideas are timeless. We need these ideas more than ever.

Republicans: it is time to start acting like Republicans again. America is hungry for you to once again be the party of growth. Ronald Reagan talked about it in 1964, and then he put his ideas into action when he became President. Guess what? They were wildly successful.

Let’s get to work!

A Memorial Day tribute to two Presidents Reply

By Tom Quiner

This is a trivia quiz:  who was the most unpopular President to ever leave office?

  1. Richard Nixon
  2. Harry Truman
  3. George W. Bush
  4. Herbert Hoover

The answer is Harry Truman.  His popularity rating was a scant 22 percent when he left office in 1952, worse even than President Nixon’s 24 percent at the time he resigned from office.

President Truman’s popularity has grown over the years.  I pay tribute to him this Memorial Day weekend because of two characteristics Americans find attractive in their leaders.  Mr. Truman spoke plainly and honestly.  He could be profane, but you knew where he stood, because he was a plain talker.

The second characteristic which is especially appealing these days was his willingness to take responsibility for the actions of the government.  The sign on his desk said it all:  “the buck stops here.”  Contrast that philosophy with the current occupant of the White House who is still blaming his predecessor for every wrong in this country, including the gulf oil spill.

Conservatives of yesterday and today bristle at President Truman’s liberal domestic politics, including his support of National Health Insurance.  Nonetheless, let us honor this man who was a practitioner of forthright leadership at a difficult time in our history.  America needs you Harry Truman!

Let us honor another President, Ronald Reagan.  You’re noticing a trend here, aren’t you?   Both of these Presidents were born in the Midwest.  I’m kind of partial to Midwesterners.  I’m especially partial to this President.  I could give you a hundred reasons, but let me leave you with two.

First, Mr. Reagan had a specific vision for America and the world.  One of them was to “defeat the ‘Evil Empire.’ “  The political left and the Media (excuse my redundancy) ridiculed his vision.  Even more interesting, so did many conservatives.  Détente was the operative political strategy of the age among Nixon conservatives.

President Reagan won.  The Evil Empire lost.  And as a result, the entire world won.  A man with a vision and conviction is a force to be reckoned with, and President Reagan was a force we have seldom seen in this country.

Second, Mr. Reagan saw that the greatness, the strength of this great land flowed from the people.  He was an optimist who encouraged us to believe in our own strength, our own ability to succeed and prosper if only government would get out of the way.

What a contrast to the current occupant in the White House who views Americans as being weak, as in dire need of massive government intervention in our lives. America needs Ronald Reagan more than ever.

God bless you President Reagan.  God bless you President Truman.  Thank-you for your contributions to America.  You served your nation with honor and dignity.

We salute you.