By Tom Quiner


Governor Chet Culver should be ashamed.

A group called “Iowans for Responsible Government” have been running attack ads against Republican candidate for Governor, Terry Branstad.  They smear Mr. Branstad as being too liberal, that he would make Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama proud.

The goal of the ads was to tip last months Republican primary to Bob Vanderplaats.  The ads failed.

So who is this group that spent $760,000 in anti-Branstad ads?  Was it some right-wing group?  No, it turns out it was the Democratic Governor’s Association, Governor Culver’s biggest campaign donor.

Rather than use the three-quarters of a million dollars to promote a positive message and bolster Culver’s sagging reputation, they instead tried to equate Branstad’s record with the fiscally disastrous record of Mr. Culver and his national liberal soul mates.  In other words, they said Branstad was bad because he was too much like … a Democrat!

Knowing who ran the ads, does it seem deceptive?  Of course.

Does it seem hypocritical?  Of course.

Does it seem cowardly?  Absolutely.

I don’t view the Republican party as being particularly saintly, either.  However, Governor Culver’s allies have ratcheted up cynicism to new heights at a time when we voters desperately are looking for straight shooters who can balance a checkbook.

Governor Culver flunks on both counts.  I’m disappointed in him.  I say that not because of political differences. Republicans and Democrats can have legitimate and honorable differences of opinion when it comes to government policy.

But this whole affair is sleazy.

It’s dishonest.

It dishonors the Governor’s office.

Iowans deserve better.

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  1. Monte B. Gray on July 17, 2010 at 8:23 am

    Oh pshaw! This is politics that we should all be used to!

    The Republicans can’t really take the high road on ethical treatment of their opponents or non distorting campaign ads.

    “Governor Culver’s allies have ratcheted up cynicism”: If anything the “ratcheting up cynacism” occured with the Swift Boat campaing ran against John Kerry when he ran against President Bush.

    I don’t recall President Bush condemning the distorted ads ran aginst John Kerry, in regards to the Swift Boat campaign aginst him!
    Which of course was funded by Republican supporters.

    Alls fair in love and politics! The nature of politics of both sides is to distort the records of their opponents. It’s our job to discern the truth by being informed readers, and seeking out the truth. Because we won’t get it from political ads.

    So lets not get too bent out of shape till we demand honesty and fair play from both political parties! In addition to both parties recognizing and condemning dishonest portrayals of candidates!

  2. Paul Sharp on July 17, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    The swift boat campaign was not based on distortion!

    • Monte B. Gray on July 19, 2010 at 3:58 pm

      I’d be curious to see where you obtained your information that makes you so sure the Swift Boat campaign was not based on distortion. Did you read the official Navy “after action report” of Mr Kerry’s record. Did you read the official reports in regards to the medals that Mr Kerry was rewarded? Or did you rely on “hear say” from people who may dislike or have an agenda against Mr Kerry?

      Likewise the recent billboard placing Obama beside other socialists such as “Hitler”. Do you not consider that a distortion either, or do you accept as fact any information fed to you by the party you affiliate with.

      Whether you are Republican or Democrat it is imperative that as a responsible voter we examine the information that is fed to us. To accept the dogma fed to us without question, by whichever party we vote for, is tantamount to surrendering our free will, and assuming our leaders will not lie to us. Time and time again it’s been proven that leaders lie, which is why we must question their motives, and examine what really lies behind the crap that is fed to us.

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