The mythology that defines Black Lives Matter

A Quiner’s Diner reader wrote:

“While some in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement have made it partisan, we should not completely write off the whole movement. I’m sure we can agree the media shares much of the blame for making it partisan.”

My first reaction is that seldom have I seen a more partisan, non-substantive movement…

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Black “safe places” aren’t inclusive to Whites

I wrote recently about the declining enrollment at the University of Missouri [“The marketplace responds to the degradation of higher learning.”]

Fox News’ Watters’ World went down to the campus during the height of it racial strife in November of 2015. The video above gives you a little feel for the contorted thinking roiling America’s campuses.

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“I was fired because I was a white woman”

By Tom Quiner Picture the scene: Screaming pro lifers take over a college campus. A young journalist approaches the chanting mob to get their story. Their spokesperson, who happens to be a white woman and a professor at that college, screams at the journalist to leave. When the journalist says he has a First Amendment…

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