The Pelosi deceit 3

By Tom Quiner

Please recall that Nancy Pelosi promised Americans that Obamacare would save you and me $2500 per year on our health insurance premiums.

It didn’t. Premiums went up by that amount, not down. She missed the mark by $5000. Chump change to a limousine liberal like Ms. Pelosi.

Now she characterizes the Republicans tax plan as theft because [drumroll!] it lets Americans keep more of THEIR OWN MONEY.

Takeaway points:

  1. Leftists like Pelosi consider your individual productivity as being owned by the state, not the individual.
  2. Leftists like Pelosi have remarkable chutzpah. They have no shame in lying. Eighty-percent of taxpayers will see their taxes lowered. Lower income families with children may actually get a check from the state! Ms. Pelosi considers this theft.

Democrats are engaged in a high-stakes game of political deceit. They have the mainstream media on their side. How will they spin bigger paychecks for working class families come February? How will they spin a roaring economy? How will they spin bigger bonuses … and more jobs … and more opportunity? Will they pull out their mantra from the 80s, the ‘decade of greed?’

There are legitimate pros and cons to the Republican plan, far more pros than cons in this humble blogger’s estimation. The likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, however, insult our intelligence with their hysterical put down of tax reform that so many of their caucus had previously supported.

It is hard for Nancy Pelosi to outdo herself, but I do believe she has succeeded.


Latest round of Facebook wars, this time about tax reform 3

I seldom engage friends on Facebook on controversial subjects. There is little upside. People tend to scream on political issues these days on social media.

I focus on family, friends, faith, and grandkids.

Occasionally, though, there is such misinformation, and oftentimes disinformation presented, that I feebly attempt to correct the record. The latest occurred this weekend regarding the Republicans’ proposed tax overhaul, which officially passed both houses of Congress this morning.

Here is the exchange I had:

Tax peril for Democrats Reply

By Tom Quiner

Democrats are really rolling the dice by unanimously opposing pending tax reform legislation.

The Trump economy is already rolling, with 4% GDP growth projected for next year. The reduction of tax rates as proposed by Republicans will fuel the boom even more. People vote their pocket books. If times are booming, there will be no doubt that credit for bigger paychecks belongs to Republicans.

Americans suffered through eight years of the Obama economy, which was characterized by high taxes and a stifling increase in government regulations. The result was the weakest postwar economic recovery on history, with GDP growth averaging a paltry 2%, almost half of the typical recovery.

President Trump is rapidly rolling back the most deleterious (meaning ‘job killing’) Obama regulations. Even more, he has put limits on the number of new regulations that will be allowed under his administration. Tax cuts will only accelerate wages and job creation.

Democrats in high tax states, such as New York, California, and Illinois, face even more dire peril when tax deductibility of federal taxes is rolled back. No longer will smaller and poorer states (like Iowa) have to foot the bill for government bloat in those states. Perhaps we’ll see a little more accountability from the state governments in liberal states as their taxpayers experience a higher tax bite and rebel.