Everything you wanted to know about ‘born alive’ legislation but were afraid to ask Reply

By Tom Quiner

born alive legislation

“You are pathetic for believing and spreading such garbage!”

What sparked this intense outburst? The meme above which appeared on our Facebook page. The meme reveals the incoherence of Democratic politicians when it comes to born alive legislation. The responder  was livid and continued:

“This is probably the very worst lie that the far right is spreading! It is ugly and untrue. No doctor is killing babies once they are viable, and definitely once they are born! If continuing to spread this lie because you want votes-it is just sickening.”

Iowans for LIFE is non partisan. Our mandate is to defend the gift of life from conception until natural death. As the Democratic Party becomes increasingly anti-life in their public policy pronouncements, they are increasingly finding themselves in IFL’s crosshairs.

So, is the meme a lie?

Sadly, no. Let’s look at the issue in a simple question & answer format:

When is a baby in the womb viable? The age of viability keeps changing thanks to medical advances. When Roe was decided, the age of viability was 28 weeks; today, it is 24 and in some cases, the markers have been moved to 21 weeks.

Is there really any distinction between a 24 week old human being in 2018 compared to one in 1973?  No, there’s not. It takes a leap of faith to think otherwise, but that is the leap of faith abortion advocates make. If you think about it, a human being is not viable for a number of years after birth. They will die of hunger or exposure without the intervention of their mother and father.

By the same token, human beings in a coma or afflicted by dementia or other ailments are not viable without intervention. Viability is not a rational or moral standard for defining human dignity.

Ok, but be honest, no doctor is killing babies once they are viable, right? Sadly, wrong. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 5597 abortions took place in the U.S. when the unborn person was 21 weeks or later. These numbers are for 2015 and include data from only forty states. Some states, such as California, don’t collect this data, so the numbers are actually much higher. Here in Iowa, nine abortions took place when the unborn person was 21 weeks or older.

Ok, but “no doctor is killing babies once they are born!” Right? Tragically, wrong. Dr. Kermit Gosnell is the most notorious example. Prosecutors believed Dr. Gosnell killed hundreds of newborns who survived his late term abortion procedures. He was ultimately charged with seven counts, convicted on three of them, and is serving a life term in prison without the possibility of parole.

That’s but one example. Can you name one other? As you might guess, abortionists don’t like to admit their “failures.” Their job is to kill the baby in the womb, even if that baby is on the cusp of being born. So statistics are spotty. Nonetheless, data from the Centers for Disease Control identify 362 deaths to babies that initially survived an abortion for the ten year period beginning in 2001.

What happens if a baby survives her abortion? Watch the undercover video below of a conversation between a Washington DC abortion doctor and a pregnant woman. She pointedly asked what happens if the baby survives the abortion. His response:

“I mean, technically, you know, legally, we would be obligated to help it, you know, to survive. But, you know, it probably wouldn’t. It’s all in how vigorously you do things to help a fetus survive at this point.” [Emphasis ours.]

[Tom Quiner is President of Iowans for LIFE’S board. Click here to read the rest of this blogpost at http://www.IowansForLIFE.org]

“And then it was gone.” 2

By Tom Quiner

“Unplanned” movie review

If you ever had doubt that there’s hope for this unseemly world, go and see Unplanned the Movie. Iowans for LIFE and Innervisions HealthCare teamed up to host a private screening of this dramatic pro-life film.

Unplanned the movie

We packed 4 theaters at the Jordan Creed Mall last night for an intense experience that plunged us deep into the inner workings of Planned Parenthood.

The move is so very painful. At the same time, it is so very hopeful. It tells the true story of Abby Johnson who drank the Planned Parenthood cool aid and bought into the lie that Planned Parenthood was all about uplifting women. She convinced herself that they were really all about ‘women’s reproductive health.’ And yet every frame of the film either directly or indirectly reveals the utter pain and despair wrought by the evil of abortion.

Despite the depravity of this ‘sacrament of abortion’ to which Planned Parenthood clings, Unplanned the Movie dramatizes the power of faith in overcoming evil.

Abby Johnson succumbs to the beauty of God’s love by finally having her eyes opened that abortion is really about bondage, not freedom.

It took guts to tell this story

She’s a brave woman, because she lays her life bare in Unplanned. She witnesses an abortion. The scene is the most unpleasant two minutes I have ever experienced at a movie. You see the fetus trying to dodge the abortionist’s deadly weapons on the ultrasound screen. You seem him losing the battle, and as Abby Johnson later sobs, “And then it was just … gone.”

You can’t consider Unplanned entertainment. Consider it penance you owe our tiny brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters lost on the altar of child sacrifice, aka human abortion.

Don’t get me wrong. The movie is utterly gripping. You’re sucked into the movie within seconds, just like an aborted fetus is sucked into an abortionist’s demonic vacuum device.

Prayer works

Unplanned reveals amazing things. Prayer works. Abby said whenever the faithful showed up to pray outside the clinic, PP’s “sales” dropped for that day as “customers” drove away.

Planned Parenthood is all about profits, and abortion is their cash cow. When Abby asks her heartless boss, “isn’t Planned Parenthood a non-profit?”, her boss barks back, “non-profit is a tax status, not a business model.”

Pro life films like “Gosnell: the trial of america’s biggest serial killer” and “Unplanned” have to overcome enormous obstacles to be made.

They’re hard to fund. The Gosnell producers had to crowd fund the project. Then Kickstarter wouldn’t let them use their platform, because it was an “inappropriate” subject matter for their platform. So they switched to IndieGoGo and raised record amounts of money for their pro life film project.

Social media platforms do everything they can to suppress these projects.

Film critics tend to ignore the films, which suppresses audience turnout.

And yet these films get made, driven by the passion and righteousness of the pro life cause. Support this project. It’s a wonderful, but painful movie. If you can, take friends who are not pro life. This film has the clout to change their mind.

[IFL and Innervisions co-funded last night’s private screening. The free will offering that followed didn’t cover our expenses. If you’re able, please donate online or text your donation to: (515) 800-BABY (2229). Thank-you!]