Is Western Civilization Worth Saving?

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Saint Mother Teresa posed a provocative question: “… if a mother can kill her own unborn baby, what is left of Western civilization to save?” There’s no question that Western civilization is under attack. ‘Western Civ’ is a decreasingly required course in institutions of higher learning. And when it is taught, curriculum tends to focus…

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Did you miss me?

Tom Quiner

Dear Quiner’s Diner Readers: I’ve published several thousand blogposts over the past decade. My output dried up on my personal blog here at Quiner’s Diner in recent years. I’m gratified that many have missed my conservative perspective and wondered what happened to me. Here’s what happened: As you may have noticed from reading my posts…

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The Coney vote reveals a gash in our history

gash in our history

By Iowans For LIFE Something happened halfway between Herbert Hoover’s presidency and Donald Trump’s that scarred our nation. To this day, it is the elephant in the voting booth. The wound manifests itself in a variety of ways, most recently on display in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. It was again on display during the…

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The myth of the single issue pro-life voter

Quiner's Diner

“How can you vote for that man and that party?”

the daughter sobbed hysterically to her shellshocked parents.

“You’re nothing but a single issue pro-life voter. I can’t even talk with you right now!”

In a conversation between a group of pro-lifers, the scenario above was reported not once, not twice, but three times. Has anything like this happened to you?

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“You are hypocritical”

Our May 7th blogpost, “How much is a human life worth,” generated some pushback with this response: “You hit the nail on the head when you called the fetuses “unborn humans.” Until they are born, they are not humans, but potential humans. Why do you never talk about stillborns? Approximately 0.6% of all births are…

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What kind of people #CelebrateAbortionProviders?

“If you are celebrating #CelebrateAbortionProviders that’s the same as if you were in 1940 celebrating Nazi Concentration Camp Doctors Day. The slaughter of innocent human persons should never be celebrated. I would rather celebrate having hemorrhoids. Shame.”

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Why God allows war

Those of engaged in the pro life movement are engaged in a war of a different nature, but indeed it is a war, complete with body parts and grotesque death. Mother Teresa called abortion war:

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“And then it was gone.”

By Tom Quiner “Unplanned” movie review If you ever had doubt that there’s hope for this unseemly world, go and see Unplanned the Movie. Iowans for LIFE and Innervisions HealthCare teamed up to host a private screening of this dramatic pro-life film. We packed 4 theaters at the Jordan Creed Mall last night for an…

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The future of Roe v Wade

Sadly, the future of Roe v Wade doesn’t matter to Iowa considering the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision last year. The Iowa Court concocted a right to abortion out of thin air last year.

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