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Let us pray for a Renaissance in morality Reply

By Tom Quiner

They knew.

That’s what is so profoundly disturbing, hypocritical, and tawdry about the sexual harassment tsunami washing over America. Preening liberals knew that their liberal buddies like Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, Al Franken, and John Conyers were very bad people.

They looked the other way for years, even decades, at the same time they were quick to pounce on the slightest peccadillo of anyone the least bit conservative. (For the record, conservatism has its fair share of rogues.)

But it didn’t matter to progressives if their buddies were actively waging a war on women (or adolescent boys) as long as they embraced the official religion of the Left, Neo Paganism, and its three sacraments of child sacrifice (human abortion); sexual hedonism; and nature worship (climate change).

Let us pray these revelations slow the moral decline of our country, and perhaps even help reverse it.

Happy Thanksgiving! America is back! 5

By Tom Quiner

As family comes into town for the Thanksgiving holiday, politics inevitably comes up.

Most of my family at this year’s celebration leans right, but almost all of them despise the current occupant of the White House.

When I’m asked what I think about the Trump presidency, I respond that I like the good parts and don’t like the bad parts.

Laura Ingraham presents the good parts in the video above. The Trump economy is soaring. Liberal readers of this blog intoned during the Obama years that 2% GDP growth was “the new normal.” Trump is dispelling that notion with his reduction in the regulatory state that is shackling business.

If Republicans pass tax relief, Mr. Trump will sign it which, according to Goldman Sachs, will propel the economy into Reaganesque growth.

I tell my family that overall, I like the people Mr. Trump has appointed to his government very much. I put it this way: Trump’s people look at American business women and men as good guys; the Obama team looked at us as bad guys.

The Trump team looks at business growth as something to be celebrated; the Obama team looked at it as something to be punished with higher taxes.

The Trump team looks at the American economy as an expanding pie, with a rising tide raising all ships, as JFK himself said; the Obama team looked at our free enterprise system as a zero-sum game.

The Trump team believes in the private economy; the Obama team believed in the public economy.

What a difference. In just one year of the Trump presidency, America is back.

That’s the part of the Trump presidency I like.