Democrats’ uncompromising support for intrinsic evil 8

“Tom, if you don’t like abortion, don’t have one.”

This was the insincere advice I received from a liberal Catholic friend who votes Democrat. Always.

Then I heard from another liberal Catholic:

“Although I’m personally opposed to abortion, I can’t tell another woman what she can do with her own body.”

There are two implications in these statements: More…

Trump has tapped into something deep 4

“I have to ask my FB friends a question. Hillary Clinton currently leads in the polls. Today both Trump and Clinton are speaking and using FB live to broadcast to their FB fan/follower base.

Hillary Clinton spoke 1 hour ago and here are her statistics,

164K Views, 18K likes, 2068 shares as on 2:39 p.m. Chicago time.

Donald Trump just finished speaking. His video post is 1 hour ago. 3:13 p.m. Chicago time.

He had 1.3 million views, 119K likes, 23,807 shares.

My question is if he is crushing Hillary in social media involvement to the point of almost 800% more views, 600% more likes, and almost 1100% more shares, how can he be trailing in the polls?” More…

“Master, I want to see” 2

Charles Anne was dying.

The 23 year old seminarian suffered advanced pulmonary Tuberculosis in an era before antibiotics were discovered. In fact, Tuberculosis was not curable until 1946 when the antibiotic Streptomycin was invented.

On the night he was convinced he was about to die, he did something very specific that saved his life.

Sister Louise of St. Germain suffered from stomach ulcers from 1913 to 1916. She was abruptly cured when she did the exact same thing Charles Anne did.

Gabrielle Trimusi of Parma, Italy, suffered from a different malady: arthritis of the knee and Tubercular lesions on the vertebrae. She was abruptly healed through the same course of treatment as the two mentioned above… More…