What type of music should accompany the Last Supper? Reply

We’re in Easter season. History pivoted on the events commemorated by what we Roman Catholics call the Easter Triduum.

The Last Supper, the Crucifixion, and Christ’s Resurrection changed the world forever. The shockwaves of those three days are felt to this day. The way religious services evolved were formed by the events of the Triduum as early Christians built upon the religious practices of the Jews.

Central to Christian worship from those early days is the representation of the Last Supper, which Roman Catholics call the Eucharistic Sacrifice… More…

THE FIRE AND THE MERCY, The Pentecost Musical 2

My newest musical production, THE FIRE AND THE MERCY, The Pentecost Musical, premiers tonight at St. John’s Basilica here in Des Moines.

I wish every Quiner’s Diner reader, including the atheists, Protestants, and Catholics, could be there to share the experience with me. We may not be in agreement on theological issues, but we’d have a good time rehashing the key themes… More…