Good observation on Twitter

You know a Republican's in the White House when he fires missiles into Syria, drops a MOAB on ISIS, & Sunday's big story is his tax returns. — Razor (@hale_razor) April 17, 2017

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Iowa legislature restricts human abortion

The momentum against human abortion continues to swell.

The Iowa legislature just passed a bill banning human abortion after 20 weeks gestation.

This makes Iowa the 21st state which acknowledges the inhumanity of killing the fetus once she is able to feel pain…

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The Schmuck Strategy for fixing Obamacare

President Trump can compel Congress to be fellow Schmucks with the rest of us Schmucks.

The Obamacare legislation applied to Congress as well as the rest of us Schmucks when it was passed. They, too, were required to purchase personal insurance under the terms of the Affordable Care Act.

Prior to that, their boss (us, the taxpaying Schmucks) picked up the entire tab for their health insurance. Obamacare seemingly changed that, requiring Congress and their staffers to purchase coverage on Obamacare exchanges.

But with a stroke of pen, Barack Obama undid the tethers that bound them to the monstrosity they had created…

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Democracy is messy. Good!

I am loving the way Republicans are wrangling over the repeal and replace of Obamacare.

It is messy. And it’s hard.

The MSM is delighting at the seeming discord and gravely proclaim the death of the Republican Party if they fail.

They won’t.

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