The truth about Ronald Reagan

In this presidential cycle with Obama deficits on full display, Reagan’s record is invoked to make the case that Obama’s profligacy isn’t so bad after all.

One of the most tired diatribes has been the one that says “Reagan drove up the deficits and it took Clinton to fix it.”

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Deficits during the Obama years

A Quiner’s Diner reader jumped to Barack Obama’s defense.

She cited information dispensed by the always ‘unbiased MSNBC’ (irony intended) to prove that it is Republicans, not Democrats, who are the profligate spenders of taxpayer money.

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How to earn more credit card points

The way to really get your points up is to sign up for a card that has a good sign-up bonus.
My advice would be to be picky. Never sign up for a card that offers less than 50,000 points. Sometimes you can find ones that offer 100,000. Hotel cards work a little differently. Never use points for merchandise. Its never a good deal …

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Can Republicans be trusted?

By Tom Quiner [youtube=] No, Republicans cannot be trusted much more than Democrats. Political parties tend to be about power more than principle. Politicians are willing to fudge (and ‘evolve’) ideology in order to win elections … and reelections. To some extent, this is reasonable. After all, this nation was built by compromise. I recently…

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