By Tom Quiner


Former Governor Branstad ran an ad charging Governor Culver with being a big spender.  Is this charge fair?

Let me quote State Auditor, David Vaudt:

“The Legislature’s Fiscal Year 2011 budget relies on over $700 million of one-time resources which will not be available for Fiscal Year 2012.  In addition, nearly $90 million of General Fund costs are shifted to other funds.  This creates a huge spending gap in the General Fund budget for Fiscal Year 2012 when the one-time monies go away.  This spending gap is often referred to as a “cliff” by experts because of the severity and suddenness of the drop in resources which are expected to be available.”

We’re in a heap of trouble in future budgets.  The Democrats have controlled the Iowa General Assembly since the 2006 elections by large majorities.  Prior to 2006, Iowa was noted for having a pretty evenly divided legislature.  Democrat’s ascent to power has produced huge increases in spending for Iowa.

Governor Branstad is correct.

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  1. Monte Gray on September 9, 2010 at 9:32 am

    If I remember correct, this same auditor pointed out that former governor Branstad kept two sets of books while he was governor, to conceal the true debt in our state!

    In Culver’s defense, Iowa presently has the lowest debt ratio of almost all the states in the country. Considering the economy he has had to work with over the past few years thats not a bad record!

    Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of increasing the size of both state and federal government. It’s hard to not be cynical. My desire is to see the reduction of government spending at both state and federal levels.

    I kind of doubt that either Republicans or Democrats are capable of taking care of the long term problems we face. We are helpless to see improvement as long as there are no term limits in government. I think the only way our government will change is if term limits can be applied. In that way our elected officials will work at improving government, vs being bribed by whatever special interest group that helps keep them in power the longest!

    Term limits worked well in regards to the presidency. I think it would work equally well with Senators and Representatives! But it’s wishful thinking. Those who vote their own pay raises, certainly won’t limit their ability to serve! So, as a citizen we’re basically out of luck! God help us all! :’)

  2. Monte Gray on September 11, 2010 at 7:30 am

    One other thing about former Governor Branstad. If I remember correct the state sales tax increased twice under his watch. I don’t recall my taxes going up while Governor Culver has been Governor!

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