Big bad debt

By Tom Quiner


Former Governor Branstad ran an ad charging Governor Culver with being a big spender.  Is this charge fair?

Let me quote State Auditor, David Vaudt:

“The Legislature’s Fiscal Year 2011 budget relies on over $700 million of one-time resources which will not be available for Fiscal Year 2012.  In addition, nearly $90 million of General Fund costs are shifted to other funds.  This creates a huge spending gap in the General Fund budget for Fiscal Year 2012 when the one-time monies go away.  This spending gap is often referred to as a “cliff” by experts because of the severity and suddenness of the drop in resources which are expected to be available.”

We’re in a heap of trouble in future budgets.  The Democrats have controlled the Iowa General Assembly since the 2006 elections by large majorities.  Prior to 2006, Iowa was noted for having a pretty evenly divided legislature.  Democrat’s ascent to power has produced huge increases in spending for Iowa.

Governor Branstad is correct.