More straight talk from Governor Christie

By Tom Quiner


Maybe I’m just tired with the President’s ostentatious oratorical self-indulgence.

Maybe I’m just tired of politicians who say nothing with a lot of words.

On the other hand, maybe the times call for directness.  Anyway you cut it, Governor Christie of New Jersey is a breath of fresh air amongst a bevy of bloviators.

We’re in a mess. Spending is out of control.  Unemployment is rampant with no relief in sight. Economists fear a double-dip recession. We need straight talk.  We need adults in office. The clip above gives us another glimpse of the New Jersey Governor’s direct style. The media loves to report about the “tone” of politics with criticisms of his combativeness.

On the other hand, Governor Christie leads the good, old-fashioned way:  with straight talk. Way to go, Governor. How honest and refreshing!