By Tom Quiner


The video above says it all. How do you feel about the Chrysler bailout now?

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  1. Monte Gray on September 29, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Please, is this a any different than wall street bankers in suits going out for a martini or three at lunch? Is’nt it just as important that bankers remain sober so they don’t hit the wrong button and cause inappropriate trades on the market? Plus, if I remember correct lots of taxpayer dollars(TARP) went out to bail out banks. Why pick on the blue collar American Workers? Are they easier targets, and less sympathetic since they are unionized?

    Then of course the implication is that all UAW workers imbide alcohol and smoke joints at lunch. Did you notice that the clip covered the same 6-10 guys? Considering how many thousands of auto workers there is this a fair sampling or representation?

    This is really a great example of sensational journalism, of the type I’d expect to see in the National Enquirer. Fox News needs to take some lessons from 60 minutes, then perhaps they might be able to present some good journalism.

    In regards to the bail out, I’m glad to see the auto industry is doing better. The last I read GMC will be offering a new stock offering, with the goal of paying off the bail out given to them by the Government. Which in effect, is not truly a bailout but a loan.

    Just like we did for some banks with TARP money, which they also are paying back.

    So, keeping Americans employed, and forcing them to make changes to become more competitive to receive bail out money good also be considered a good idea. Because the union also had to make concessions for GMC to receive this money!

    Final assessment: I’ll continue to read my news, vs listening to absurd newscasts by Jounalists who do nothing more than read from teleprompters to give out news that has no merit.

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