Here’s something Republicans and Democrats can agree on

By Tom Quiner

Join us at the Life Chain tomorrow at 2 PM at the First Assembly of God Church on Merle Hay Road

Republicans and Democrats have differing viewpoints when it comes to the human fetus (Latin for offspring or Little One).

Republicans view the Little One as being worthy of human rights. Democrats don’t.

Republicans view the Little One as being a person. Democrats don’t.

Republicans view the Little One as having a fundamental right to life. Democrats don’t.

Democrats and their judicial soulmates have had far more power than Republicans over the past thirty-some years when it comes to formulating policy affecting Little Ones.  They have stripped just about every human right away from them.

Interestingly, though, both current Democratic President Obama and previous Democratic President Clinton have expressed the same sentiments, that abortion should be legal, but rare. Clearly, they sense there is something wrong with the wanton destruction of Little Ones, but they have been unwilling to do anything about it.

There is something Democrats can do with Republicans tomorrow.  They can join us in prayer on behalf of Little Ones everywhere during the annual Life Chain.  Here in Des Moines, the faithful will come together in respectful prayer along Merle Hay Road, stretching from St. Theresa’s Church to the First Assembly of God church.

Although Republicans will be praying for the end of abortion, Democrats can pray that a conflicted woman carrying a Little One will have a change of heart and let her child be born.

Democrats can pray that adoption will flourish in a land where broken-hearted couples unable to conceive pray daily for a Little One.

Democrats can pray that abortion won’t be needed because fathers and mothers recognize the humanity of the Little Ones in their mothers’ wombs.

The Democratic Party still has a sizable number of the faithful in their ranks. Republicans extend a hand of friendship to join with us in prayer starting at 2 PM on Sunday, October 3, that abortion will never be needed in America again.

We can agree on that, can’t we?