The #1 way to end abortion

By Tom Quiner

Armies of the faithful pray in front of Planned Parenthood facilities throughout America

At 4 PM this afternoon, I’m going over to Planned Parenthood on Army Post Road here in Des Moines, Iowa. Please join me.

This is their facility where they perform abortions.

This is the day on which they perform abortions.

I am joining folks on the sidewalk in front of this facility in silent prayer for the unborn, some of whom will die today. Despite the way the media portrays folks like me, we’re pretty normal. We believe in God. We believe God created us in His image. We believe that life begins at conception.

In other words, we believe like most Americans of both political parties have believed until fairly recently.

With a belief system like ours’, how can we do nothing about abortion?

Prayer is the foundation for fighting abortion. The faithful believe God hears our prayers and intercedes with Godly wisdom, that God works on the hearts and minds of man in mysterious ways.

This blog has a unique blend of readers. Some aren’t particularly religious. And yet they would like to see the need for abortion end.

To those of you who aren’t so sure what or whom God is … and if He’s really listening, I’d like to ask for you to pray for us at exactly 4 PM today. I mean it. I think your prayer will count for a lot. Your prayer can go like this:

God, I’m not sure if you’re really there, but if you are, I pray for your loving intercession at Planned Parenthood. I pray for the people praying outside the facility. I pray for the women considering having an abortion that you change their hearts. I pray that you touch the hearts and minds of the people working at Planned Parenthood that they see the humanity of the baby in the womb. And God, you know me better than I know myself.  If you hear me, would you reveal yourself to me in some way if I promise to keep an open heart and mind? Thanks for listening. Amen.

I am serious in asking for you to pray this one minute prayer. I very much appreciate it.

Pro lifers get upset at the people working at Planned Parenthood. Believing as we do, it’s understandable. And yet, they are people, and they are victims. They are victims of the judges and politicians who have blocked and overturned legislation to protect the unborn. They are victims of a culture of death in America.

I received an e-mail this morning from a gentleman named Shawn Carney who directs the efforts of a national prayer movement called 40 Days for Life. He got my attention in reminding us to remember to treat everyone like a human being, including employees of PP:

I’m going to keep the location a secret right now, but please pray for an abortion center staff member that I heard about recently.

This employee walked out the abortion facility and handed vigil participants a slip of paper. “I thought you might want this,” the worker said. It was the name and phone number of a prayer volunteer.

The employee explained that this volunteer had called the abortion center to apologize because she wouldn’t be able to make her prayer hour in a couple of weeks.

The worker tried to explain to the volunteer that it wasn’t the abortion facility that was organizing the prayer vigil. But the volunteer seemed confused and didn’t really understand what was going on.

The employee could have just hung up … and certainly didn’t have to deliver the message. “What a nice gesture,” said the local 40 Days for Life coordinator.
“This shows the abortion center workers are not our enemies.”

Keep praying for them!

To my Quiner’s Diners friends and critics, do pray.  Join us if you can. Thank-you.