Who suffers most from hate crimes in the USA: Muslims or Jews?

By Tom Quiner

Chart by Randall Hoven, the American Thinker

It was just a one paragraph blurb in yesterday’s Des Moines Register: four men in New York City were convicted of plotting to blow up synagogues in New York.

I read the paragraph searching for a key piece of information. Can you guess what it was? What would you like to know about these anti-semitic terrorist wannabes?

The answer is motivation. The answer couldn’t be found in the Register’s five sentence coverage. In search of why four men wanted to blow up synagogues (note the plural), I went to the New York Times for additional insights.

The Times’ reporter on this story, Kareem Fahim, focused on the Defense’s claim that the four men were entrapped by the FBI in a sting. It wasn’t until the 10th paragraph that Mr. Fahim revealed that the charged (and now convicted men) were arrested after the FBI infiltrated a mosque. The word Muslim was not used in the news report.

Is this word relevant?

In light of 9/11, the answer is yes.

In light of the Christmas day “shoe” bomber, the answer is yes.

In light of the Fort Hood massacre, the answer is yes.

In light of the attempted Time Square bombing, the answer is yes.

Muslim terrorists want to kill Americans. These terrorists obviously do not represent all Muslims. They may only represent a small percentage.

But political correctness seems to block this critical piece of news reporting. The USA Today said on September 13, 2001:

“Arab-Americans and Muslims fear backlash” after the 2001 9/11 attacks in the US.”

The London Guardian said in July 8th, 2005 after Islamic terrorists killed 56:

“Muslim leaders fear backlash.”

After Islamic terrorists killed 195 in India in 2008, the Muslim Public Affairs Council said:

“The Muslim Public Affairs Council today sent a letter to the Bush administration and the Obama transition team expressing concern about a potential backlash that could be triggered in the wake of terrorist attacks in Mumbai.”

After Nidal Hasan murdered 13 women and men at Fort Hood and wounded another 30, but before his motivations were know, Islam Online said:

“As fears of a backlash are going high among US Muslims, President Barack Obama urged Americans Saturday, November 7, not to jump into conclusions over a deadly attack on a military base in Texas, stressing the diversity of the US army.”

You can understand the concern Muslims have that a backlash might occur in light of the number of innocent people Muslim terrorists kill each year in American and around the world. This leads to an interesting question: which group do you think is the victim of more hate crimes in the United States each year? Muslims or Jews?

The FBI tracks hate crimes. The chart above gives the answer. Jews are victims of ten times as many hate crimes as Muslims. Interestingly, this is not newsworthy to the Mainstream Media (MSM). What is newsworthy is the fear of reprisals against Muslims.

Why are anti-semitic hate crimes of such little interest to the MSM?