By Tom Quiner


Here is news you may have missed from this past weekend:

Lashkar-e-Taliban gunment barged into a home in India and murdered a 60 year-old woman. This group is a militant Islamic organization whose goal is to introduce an Islamic state in South Asia.

In Iraq, an 8 year old girl and woman are “disassembled” in their own home by Islamic bombers.

In Afghanistan, a paramilitary group called Fedayeen killed four civilians, including a mother and her child in two suicide attacks.

In Pakistan, a woman and her two children are crushed to death by a Taliban rocket strike.

This is a small sampling of the daily world-wide murders committed in the name of Islam.

The United States has experienced thousands of casualties here and abroad in ongoing terrorist attacks perpetrated in the name of Islam. More than 40 separate incidents have occurred in the past 40 years involving the U.S. and its citizens here and abroad.

Islamic terrorists have a special fondness for involving planes in their terrorist plots. In 1984, they murdered two Americans when they hijacked a plane from Kuwait heading to Pakistan. In 1985, they executed a U.S. Navy diver when they hijacked an Athens to Rome TWA flight. Later that year, they bombed airports in Vienna and Rome, killing 20 people including 5 Americans.

The next year, they detonated a bomb on another TWA flight, this time from Athens to Rome, killing 4 Americans. And there was the explosion that killed everyone aboard the Pan Am flight from Lockerbie, Scotland to New York in 1988.

The list goes on. The World Trade Center bombings involving 4 jets is the most notorious recent example of terrorism involving jets. And of course, last year there was the underwear bomber who attempted to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on December 25th, the day Christian’s celebrate Christ’s birth.

This leads me to the Transportation Safety Administration’s (TSA) recent draconian security measures. They’re beginning to use body scanners that allow them to look at us naked. They’re groping passenger’s private parts checking for weapons. They’re forcing some folks to undress.

A 71 year old man put it well. He has an artificial knee with metal parts. He was forced to pull his pants down in a public space to be checked out. He said he’d be willing to do it if it would save the lives of people on his plane, but it wasn’t necessary.

I have a modest solution. Rather than groping and publicly undressing grandmas and grandpas and children, why don’t we strategically target the people who fit the profile of a typical terrorist? That will reduce the number of people who require intrusive screening by 95 percent.

If I am a Muslim male, I will not like it. On the other hand, if I am a Muslim male, I’m already being screened with current regulations being what they are. So nothing will change for them.  But why put everyone else through this charade in the name of political correctness?  For that is what it is.

Some will say this unfair because most Muslims are peaceful. They are correct. Most Muslims are peaceful. But is it fair to submit everyone else to overzealous screening because of a few bad Muslim apples? No, it’s not.

Some will say, “well what about Timothy McVeigh?” And they are correct. There are certainly plenty of nutty white guys in this world. However, when it comes to airline security, it is clear that the profile of potential terrorists can be narrowly drawn.

It’s time to put an end to political correctness in screening passengers. Let’s limit these intrusive searches with more narrowly-defined criteria.

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  1. Rhonda Phillips on November 22, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    The illegal search and seizure by airport security is a violation of our 4th amendment rights. Unfortunately, many people will put up with it to get to their travel destinations. Some even agree that if it stops a terrorist they are all for it! I disagree. I say PROFILING is the answer. That is what Israel does. However, this will only occur when the airline stops making money because people refuse to fly. I don’t see that happening any time soon with time and the price of gasoline weighing in the balance.

  2. maxine bechtel on November 23, 2010 at 7:14 am

    AGREED! The violation of our Fourth Amendment rights is another Government foot in the door toward infringement of our freedoms and controlling our lives! Isn’t it ironic? Not one single person has been caught or arrested for hiding on their body suspicious articles which could be construed as “weapons.” Yet, those who fit the potential terrorists’ profile are ignored in the name of political correctness! Israel has the right idea! If it takes profiling to protect us, then so be it!

  3. Theresa Dowd on November 23, 2010 at 7:17 am

    My husband has always said, “When you’ve got time to spare, go by air”.
    I’m thankful we don’t do much air travel at all, because this would really tick me off. Middle-aged women like me are so scary and look like terrorists, you know.

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  5. Jennifer Harris on November 25, 2010 at 1:13 am

    If you opt-out of the naked picture machine, either for modesty or radiation concerns (or both), you will be subjected to a “standard patdown” (formerly known, for a few weeks, as an “enhanced patdown.”)

    If you do not absolutely insist that the TSA agent change gloves before touching you, he or she will not, and these are the health concerns that you risk.

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