Why Republicans need to stand tall for the unborn now

By Tom Quiner

FACT #1: Last week’s election swung on economic issues.

FACT #2: Last week’s election also swung on concerns over runaway big government.

Wouldn’t you say those were two of the biggies?

So here is my question: were social issues such as abortion and traditional marriage issues? Of course they were, but not as big as the two above. I pose this question in light of a comment I read from the incoming Florida State Senate Leader Mike Haridopolos that appeared in the Florida Today newpaper:

“On supporting Nebraska-style abortion limits:  “If this bill is pursued by a member, it will be given the normal committee structure and it will have to work through it, and get an up or down vote.  But what I can promise you is that where my focus is and where Dean’s and Rick’s [Scott, new Governor of Florida] is, is on the economy.

Folks who have all kinds of social issues, can work through the process.  If you can get it through the process, you’ll get an up or down vote, I want us to make fact-based decisions.”

Translation: we’re not going out of our way for life issues.

Mr. Haridopolos may not speak for all Republicans. Nonetheless, I point out his comments in light of a comment from the pro-life activists group, the Susan B. Anthony list:

“The percentage of women in the House of Representatives who are pro-life increased by 60 percent while the percentage of women who are pro-choice decreased by 16 percent.”

Hmm … is there a trend here? The whole country is becoming more pro life day by day.

So, to my Republican friends and elected officials who are solidly pro-life, your belief in the sanctity of life leads to another fact:

FACT #3: The human fetus is a human being entitled to full human rights.

How could anything be more important than protecting human dignity? Do not brush this issue aside. Yes, taxes and government spending and the economy and health care are huge issues. But they’re not more important than an inalienable right to life, are they?

Let me leave you with an economic reason to pass legislation to protect the unborn. When social security was passed, we had about 30 taxpayers for every person receiving benefits. Today we have but three, and tomorrow we will have but two for every person receiving benefits. If we hadn’t aborted close to 40 million babies in the last 37 years, we wouldn’t have the social security crisis we have today because we’d have more people supporting the program.

In other words, America is paying an economic price for abandoning its foundational principal of a right to life.

Republicans, this is your opportunity to stand up for life. If you don’t, who will?