By Tom Quiner

“The more some people profess to be “Christians,” the meaner and selfish they seem. Their refrain seems to be, “It’s my money, and I know best how to spend it.”

These are the words of a letter writer in this morning’s Des Moines Register. They reflect the thinking of the political Left in this country, thinking that feels a need to denigrate Christians who don’t go along with the radical Left’s agenda for America. It reflects the Left’s propensity to stereotype broad swaths of society with whom they disagree.

The question is: is she correct?

Syracuse professor, Arthur Brooks, agreed with the above writer’s premise, that liberals were probably more generous than conservatives. He set out to research and quantify the results. What he discovered astounded him:

• Liberals make more money than conservatives.

• Despite this income gap, conservatives give 30 percent more to charity than liberals.

• Religious conservatives give an average of $2367 per year to charity compared to $1347 for the rest of the country.

• Religious conservatives give more to secular charities than everyone else.

• Conservatives donate more blood, sweat, and tears than everyone else as measured by blood given to blood banks and personal time devoted to directly helping others.

• Brooks looked at attitudes of folks concerning distribution of income and religion. Folks who do not believe in income redistribution schemes and attend church services gives away a hundred times more than folks who do believe in income redistribution schemes and don’t attend religious services.

• Secular liberals are the “whitest” and richest of the four groups Mr. Brooks identified. Nonetheless, they give 19% less to charity than religious conservatives.

Mr. Brooks said “I had no option but to change my views.” Read more about his study in his book, “Who Really Cares?”

If the amount of blood, time, and money given to others is a good gauge of compassion, religious conservatives are quantifiably more compassionate than secular liberals.

Secular liberals like to talk about it.

Secular liberals like to set up government programs to let someone else (government workers) do it.

Religious conservatives believe Christ has called them to roll up their sleeves and do it themselves.

That doesn’t sound very mean and selfish to me.

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  1. Paul Sharp on December 24, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    A good post; thanks for the statistics of Prof Brooks. There really is an “attitude” problem w/the left, whether from the media, academia, or general population. It is difficult to understand why liberals do not respect those who disagree with them. Is it arrogance, elitism, mean spiritedness? So difficult to have reasoned discussions with them.

  2. Rhonda Phillips on December 26, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    One can’t have a reasonable discussion with a liberal because they are coming from two world views. The liberal thinks there is no God and therefore the Governement is god…or they themselves are their own god and conservative Christians who know and act on the truth.

  3. Ray Royson on September 3, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    I think you forgot something here. The good professor did not name any sources or proof of his conclusions. That’s not a basis for belief in his conclusions. Basically it appears that his conclusions are shockingly self-serving and not backed up by the scientific communitty. I’ll be waiting for the good “professor” to cite his sources to back up his claims.
    Paul Sharp: You might want to rethink your comment. Conservatives do not repect liberals who think differently from THEM.
    Furthermore, conservative thinking is SELFISH THINKING. They try to CONTROL what others think and do, many times pointing to religion for authority, which has no basis in fact. Hate? Yes thay are hateful, ruining the lives of others and causing bullying of people who do not believe as they do. Take a good look at yourselves. You don’t even respect your own bible or the teaching of Jesus. Jesus was obviously a liberal in his thinking and deeds.
    I think people like you are shameful and hurtful to society and to this country. Take a look at your slate of “candidates” for the most powerful job in the world. It’s laughable. All of you might just try doing some real thinking for a change to get yourselves out of the continual rut of hate and selfishness.

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