Quiner’s Diner most-hated posts of 2010

By Tom Quiner

Quiner’s Diner presented 169 heaping helpings of conservative thought for your consumption in 2010. Rather than recap the best of the lot, I will instead recap the ones liberals seem to hate most (and ironically, conservatives love the most).

Sometimes it’s nice to have leftovers!

What is the truth?

Liberals get very worked up over the idea that truth is not relative. One liberal responded to this piece, which appeared in the Des Moines Register, with this pithy response: “So is truth absolute or relative? The answer is yes.” Spoken like a liberal!

Democrats propose bill to limit conservative free speech.

This was my most-read blog post of 2010. My premise: Democrats shamelessly try to pass bills that increase union power while minimizing corporate free speech. Liberals find nothing wrong with this and hammered me. Conservatives were livid over the so-called Disclose Act. Read what all the fuss was about.

What should we do about about global warming?

I try to get both sides of this issue to think about this subject a little differently.

Does black genocide matter?

Wow! Talk about stirring up a hornet’s nest. The Des Moines Register gave Planned Parenthood a half page (written by an African-American woman, for what it’s worth) to rebut me. PP’s shill called me “insulting to women.”

Modern Auschwitz

The piece talked about the obscenity of abortion.  All I can tell you is I wouldn’t allow a few obscene responses I received from angry proborts to be run on this blog.