By Tom Quiner


How politically incorrect can one be!

The late, great Ronald Reagan delivered a memorable speech in 1983 in which he characterized the Soviet Union as an evil empire.

The press screamed.

Democrats screamed.

Liberals everywhere screamed.

That is not a very polite thing to say, Mr. President! After all, they are people very much like us. Maybe they’re a little misguided, but we’re not perfect either. After all, look at all the terrible things America has done.

Morality is always relative with the Left. They’re quick to point out their own nation’s flaws as quickly as they’re willing to excuse atrocities on the other side, whether they’re communists, Islamic fascists, or environmental whackos.

So to be politically incorrect, let us remember why Mr. Reagan characterized the Soviet Union as evil.

They seized nations and ruthlessly dominated them.

Elections weren’t allowed.

Freedom of the press was eradicated.

God was expunged from the public square and the home. (A woman from Poland told how the communists marched into the pharmacy her father owned and forced him to remove the crucifix from the wall.) Atheism was established as the state religion.

Innocents were killed and imprisoned in staggering proportions. In his book, The Great Terror, writer Robert Conquest presented these estimates of the carnage wrought by Joseph Stalin:

Arrests, 1937-1938 – about 7 million
Executed – about 1 million
Died in camps – about 2 million
In prison, late 1938 – about 1 million
In camps, late 1938 – about 8 million

This isn’t evil? It not, what is?

Ronald Reagan is remembered on his 100th birthday in a way that few others are … or will be. Why? Because he spoke with conviction. He didn’t care that it might make him unpopular with some folks. Ultimately, he was a leader, not a follower.

And he changed the world.

The evil empire is dead.

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  1. Monte Gray on February 8, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    A lot of things were accomplished under Ronald Reagan’s administration. He appealed to a lot of people due to his down home sense of self deprecation, and ability to come across as one of us.

    But to worship the ground he walked upon is foolish also. Like ALL politicians(which means Democrat and Republicans) he had faults, and made mistakes.

    He called the Soviet Union the “evil empire”, yet at the same time the United States had supported the regime of Saddam Hussein, and numerous other depotic leaders that served our purpose. Let me list a few; the Shah of Iran, Bautista in Cuba, the Saudi Royal Family, Mubarak of Egypt (notice those tanks on tv-did you see the made in USA logo on their sides?), the Rulers of Yemen, just to mention a few.

    “They seized nations and ruthlessly dominated them.”

    Granted, the United States has’nt gotten into “seizing” nations(not since the Spanish American war anyway-Phillipines, Puerto Rico, etc). It’s much more acceptable to influence and finance “evil” nations, as long as they further our goals!

    Then of course lets not forget lovable Oliver North and the arms deals with our “enemy Iran”. This was done in order to arm a revolutionarie group to bring down the government of Nicaragua! That actually was probably the biggest scandal since Watergate at that time. A little something about ignoring the will of congress! Fortunately for President Reagan he could plead a “forgetful” memory in regards to that issue!

    Then of course we can talk about the ballooning of the federal deficit under Reagon’s administration, which has been perpetuated by every president since then except for President Clinton(who mangaged to balance the budget). That legacy will be paid by our kids and grandkids. Hopefully I’ll be long dead and gone before I have to watch that legacy unfold.

    You say, “Morality is always relative with the Left. They’re quick to point out their own nation’s flaws as quickly as they’re willing to excuse atrocities on the other side, whether they’re communists, Islamic fascists, or environmental whackos.”

    Does the above quotation mean that we should not point out our nations faults?
    Does this mean that Conservatives happily accept the mistakes our government policies have perpetuated?
    Reagan helped bring about the fall of the “evil empire”. Does that mean that Conservatives consider Mubarak, and other depots are “good” vs “evil” because they support US policy? Even though they are just as brutal at repressing freedom of the press, and the right of free expression as the Soviet Union was?
    Where was the conservative, and liberal’s for that matter, voice when the Hutu’s were slaugtering Tutu’s in Rwanda?

    So, if you want to idolize a politician thats your prerogative. But, I believe it pointless to get into the blame game. There is guilt on all sides, whether our government was liberal or conservative.

    Suffice it to say, I try not to get caught up in hero worshipping. I can appreciate a man’s accomplishments, but then again one needs to examine the whole picture.

  2. Bob Zimmerman on February 8, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Mr. Quiner does not paint Ronald Reagan as a perfect hero, rather he only points out some very important ideals and convictions that the former president lived by and lead by. Call me crazy, but give me a president who is not timid about his faith in God over a budget-balancing pervert who can’t keep his pants on any day…

  3. Monte Gray on February 9, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    Wow, is that the summation of your political philosophy? After reading my response thats all you could come up with?

    “Spoken in a gruff voice for emphasis “IF a President can keep his pants on, well thats good enough for me! Does’nt matter what else he does for the country, or the world, good or bad, just as long as he can keep his pants on!”

    I respect Mr Quiner’s opinions greatly, and always enjoy discussing them with him. A number of them I agree with. But when I recieve opinions based on pure ideology, and the inability to want to examine, or discuss the facts it makes me very tired. It’s been awhile since I’ve responded to these forums.
    Not sure I’ll be back.

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