Choices have objects

By Tom Quiner

The terms used in a debate are critical.

The abortion lobby, the Democratic Party, and their allies in the media embrace the term “pro choice” when discussing abortion.

They couch the debate in terms of “a woman’s right to choose” and “reproductive health.”

The more honest label for this group is pro abortion. After all, choices have objects. The object of the choice this group wishes to exercise is to end a life through abortion.

They choose abortion.

The pro life group also believes in choice.  They believe it is the baby in the womb who should have a say in whether he or she is allowed to be born. They choose life, so the accurate label for this group is “pro life.”

[In the previous Quiner’s Diner post, Lisa Bourne wrote how Abby Johnson became “pro life” when she saw a 13-week-old child in the womb unsuccessfully trying to evade the abortionist’s suction tube on an ultrasound screen as she assisted with the procedure. The baby was fighting for its life. “It” was obviously pro life.]

And for the pro abortion crowd to invoke women’s reproductive “health” as a reason to embrace abortion is ludicrous when you consider the emotional and physical baggage that haunts these women for the rest of their lives.

Let’s be honest when debating abortion.  There are two sides:  pro life and pro abortion.